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    Hey All.

    I’m likely yo be issued a permit to build two townhouses on my block in Melbourne for my first build, soon. I’ll need to live in one and sell the other off the plan. It’s also my PPOR and not in urgent need to build, see below. Wondering if anyone can help me with:

    * What to look for in a builder, how to assess if they are quality?

    * How best to structure the contract if there will be myself and another person I sell off the plan to?

    *Thoughts on the rise and rise of timber and steel prices recently. Best to wait to, or go ahead with the project now?

    *Master Builders vs HIA vs Australian Institute of Architects contracts. I presume a residential builder would not go near AS 4900.

    Would anyone in Melbourne be happy to meet for a Q&A with me?



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    There are building brokers that use the same principle as mortgage brokers where they have a panel of builders to tender that will best suit your project.

    Always bear in mind when choosing a professional service 60% are average,  20% are dangerous and 20% are experts, perhaps visit a few to get a feel for the right one.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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