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  • Asbestos can be in a lot of different materials. When they refer to the switchboard its usually the backing or mounting board but it can also be the side, back and top & bottom panels, inside the fuses and a number of other areas. If you could send a photo I could have a look. There may also be asbestos debris which is breathable inside the…[Read more]

  • We bought a corner house and land in our smsf originally planning to knock down and put a duplex up, then they changed the rules way back and you can’t change the usage so that was out. But can you add a Granny Flat to the backyard? Does that change the usage as we already have 2 street access. Anyone got any experience with this or any opinions. thanks

  • Hello
    I’ve just started a series of articles on asbestos for investors with different topics covered and I’m also looking for ideas for future articles.

    Brian Sketcher

  • Hello
    have been offered a block of land adjacent to us by developer for 5% discount to valuation but can’t seem to make the numbers work.
    Purchase price 232750 +stamp duty. Local real estates reckon they can on sell for 240-260 its a larger block (694sqmetres) for this development which range 350 -700sq metres.
    Looked at build sell- couldn’t make…[Read more]

  • Hi
    Our two Logan rentals are managed by David King Real Estate at Waterford West. Their rates are pretty good. Speak to Gina or Courtney.

  • Hi Richard called your office last week before I posted but you were still on holidays I guess.

    Well our solution was that we went and walked around every real estate agent in the town and got comparable properties that had sold during December that hadn't been recorded or were under contract and hadn't gone through yet. We have submitted these…[Read more]

  • Thanks
    for the comments so far. The bank is Heritage and the Units are fully self contained. We haven't seen a copy of the bank valuation as I think that is the problem no one wants to make a unverifiable call on their value.

  • Hi ScottNo there are enough idiots out there already doing that – if I hear "we don't have any" or "I know where it all is" one more time though……Thanks for the best wishes.Brian & Cindy Sketcher

  • The resources boom is supposed to go on for 20 years…… by then we won't be manufacturing anything in this country everything will be imported (we're not far off that now). What happens then or when China & India take over all the rest of the worlds manufacturing requirements. If you visit Mackay or Gladstone you can already see the two speed e…[Read more]

  •  These guys have to pay for insurance and travel so theres at least half that fee gone…..Have you tried driving around Qld and specifically Brisbane lately? It can take over 3 hours to go north- south side and on top of that are the tolls. If theres an accident on one of the major arterial road you can kiss at least half a day gone.We looked i…[Read more]

  • Hi Jules just got back from Gladstone & rockhampton yesterday,Gladstone's going the same way as Mackay with the town splitting in two with the poor locals being squeezed as everything goes up and anyone or any business linked to mining/LNG/Aluminium going ahead.We drove around Gladstone looking at properties/infrastructure -still looked like a…[Read more]

  • Hi Scott no matesNo I was after something simpler and already set up for house projects MS project can be painful to set up and I also have used Openproject also something requiring less computer power for pda use?Any options I'm all ears.ThanksBrian & Cindy

  • AAQ replied to the topic in the forum Overseas Deals 9 years, 11 months ago

    Harry Dent and Robert Kiyosaki have been predicting this for a while so when is the best time to buy up and/or how will affect Australia are we going to have another bank clampdown on loans. Look forward to any insights from Steve here as he has been over there and I would like to know how his test investments are going over there?

  • Hi NitroCost to set up SMSF and company to hold property in I think was about 1500 but I'll have to go look it up to be sure, another 220 for the declaration deed and I'm quoted 770 for yearly audit costs by our accountants with one property being held.But its hard to find a complying loan as they cant ask for a personal guarantee but some do and…[Read more]

  • Hi Nitrodrops;we just did it, rolled mine and my wifes super into our own SMSF and bought a property. Not sure I would do it again as its is painful paperwork wise but we learnt alot.  We had 100k combined and that was only just enough to get a conforming loan as banks requireup to 28% deposit plus closing costs so deposit was 75K closing cos…[Read more]

  • HiTerry – what am I missing I was told the IP had to be self supporting which would indicate cashflow over capital growth? Brian & Cindy

  • Hi GibboYes we do -so we've separated the business (I'm now sole Director) which carries PI & PL insurance of its own and the house is solely in Cindys name now, we have public liability for the house for tripping etc we also have a house and contents policy which includes anybody in the house, but my wife is concerned that through an accident or…[Read more]

  • So what is the best way to protect your PPOR from anybody who would sue you?Is there a way to fully protect it?Cindy & Brian

  • Hi Guys;There is a way of minimising stamp duty in QLD and it took a lot of phoning to find a solicitor who knew about it.You can legally put the house in your wifes name only by using the terms "for love and affection" It doesn't completely get rid of the stamp duty but ours went down from $14,000 quoted by a conveyancer to $3600 and I was happy…[Read more]

  • Hi Guys;It been a while- what I did with the 60K – 40K on the home loan, 10K for things that needed to be done-house repairs, credit cards etc and 10K in the stock market. Kept the wife happy by paying down the home loan and getting house stuff done and invested 10 in stock (just before big drop which is now worth about 3k).Thanks again for the advice

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