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    We bought a corner house and land in our smsf originally planning to knock down and put a duplex up, then they changed the rules way back and you can’t change the usage so that was out. But can you add a Granny Flat to the backyard? Does that change the usage as we already have 2 street access. Anyone got any experience with this or any opinions. thanks

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    My guess would be that it won’t change the usage but if I were you, I would discuss with my accountant? 👍😎

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    I would say even better than sitting with accountant,

    go to town planning/call

    organise an informal meeting and get a scope of work

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    This is covered in one of the tax rulings. I can’t recall the answer specifically but I think it may be possible as long as it doesn’t create a new asset.

    Best to speak to council or a town planner first to see if possible generally and then to seek specific legal advice on whether it would be a breach of the sis act. A lawyer can give this advice but do can a licensed planner or accountant that is licensed.

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