19 04, 2014

Happy Easter

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From all the team at PropertyInvesting.com, we pass on our hopes and prayers that you have a safe and peaceful Easter holiday.- Steve McKnight
14 04, 2014

Sluggish House Price Growth Expected For SA

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Of all the property markets in Australia, my expectations for house price growth is least positive in SA.The political instability that will exist with a minority government, coupled with the recent significant increase in unemployment, coupled with the closure of the Holden factory, all combine to dampen consumer confidence and demand from housing speculators and home buyers.Investors are cautioned to reconsider their property portfolios, and to ask ‘if the property I own is performing […]
10 04, 2014

Surprising Job Strength

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Employment data released today by the ABS points to unexpected job growth by the Australian economy.It seems that most economists were predicting an increase in unemployment, when in fact the number fell from 6.1% to 5.8%.Taking a closer look at the State by State numbers (see below), it is good news except for SA and VIC. On the other hand, WA and NSW had great months.The surprising employment numbers caused a rally in the […]
7 04, 2014

Are We Heading For A Property Crash?

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We all know the Aussie property prices have been on the up and up across the country lately, but what’s the likelihood it’s all going to end in tears as values plummet? A ‘price crash’ is definitely economically possible – just look at what happened in the US, UK and many places in Europe between 2007 and 2010. Why should Australia be any different? We’re not, but we do have a couple of handy factors in […]
4 04, 2014

Investing Advice: Renting VS Buying Your Home

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You will almost always get a better financial outcome by renting rather than owning a home, provided you invest your capital and savings (from renting) astutely. Consider this real life example: A property apprentice recently asked me to help her quantify which was better: owning or renting. For $500 she could rent a home of acceptable standard, or for $500,000 she could buy something similar. If she did buy, she wouldn’t have any money left to invest […]
2 04, 2014

Tips, Tools & A Whole Lot More…

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Today we’re delighted to reveal the new look and feel of PropertyInvesting.com As you surf around our hope is that you’ll agree that the ‘less is more’ approach makes the site easier to use, both as a member and as a visitor. The improved design represents the beginning of many new initiatives we plan to roll out in the months ahead, which will include new investor tools and training resources. Naturally, while we’re proud, we’d love to […]
30 11, 2012

Property Investment Advice: Who can you trust?

By |Friday, November 30, 2012|Strategies|1 Comment|

Taking friendly property investment advice can be risky at the best of times and in the day of digital information, it can be even more so. Everyone has an opinion about the current market and what is the ‘best way’ to take action, or perhaps do nothing at all. Most people would welcome a few helpful tips on how to proceed, but with so many channels of communication to sift through it can be tough to […]
30 11, 2012

QLD mining towns – a smart property investment?

By |Friday, November 30, 2012|Stats & Data|3 Comments|

Investing in the resource rich areas of Queensland has proved to be a smart property investment for financiers over the last ten years or so. Gladstone in particular, saw dwelling prices rocket since the region’s humble beginnings a decade ago. However, with mining growth being scaled back considerably, securing a profit in the Bowen and Surat Basins will pose more of a challenge heading toward the future. With that being said, there is still billions of dollars […]
29 11, 2012

Investing in Australia

By |Thursday, November 29, 2012|Property Investing News|2 Comments|

Recent months have seen a lot of speculation regarding the state of the property market and the pace at which it will recover. While the lowering of commodities prices and slowing mining industry will have an impact on certain markets, investing in Australia is still in a pretty positive position. As federal treasurer Wayne Swan reported in his most recent economic note earlier this week (November 25), the nation has succeeded where others have failed in […]
23 11, 2012

Tenants get the squeeze as Sydney vacancy rates tighten

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Sydneysiders who are seeking rental accommodation will likely find the market tough in the coming months, as Sydney vacancy rates tighten, with latest figures indicating that demand is significantly outpacing supply. The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) released the October 2012 REINSW Vacancy Rate Survey on Tuesday (November 20), which revealed vacancy had dropped significantly from September. Dropping 0.6 per cent in one month, the falling trend of Sydney vacancy rates was present […]
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