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Beware The Greater Fool

Early in my investing career I was told a story that illustrated the concept of ‘the greater fool‘. It’s remained front and centre in my mind ever since and given the irrational behaviour of the Aussie property market, I feel it’s prudent to tell you about it as forewarned is forearmed. The story told toContinue Reading

Growth Warning Emerging

The latest unemployment numbers released last week were disappointing to say the least: Australia’s unemployment rate jumped to a 10 year high and is now on par to when the GFC unfolded. Now, unlike then though we don’t have a mining boom to insulate our economy or a government predisposed to spending our way toContinue Reading

The Super Suck

There’s a sucker born every minute, or so the saying goes. A fool and his money are soon parted, or so the saying goes. The borrower is the slave to the lender, or so the saying goes. The New Con Sadly the latest con doing the rounds (that I call ‘The Super Suck’) involves allContinue Reading

Is The Property Market About To Pop?

Winter is upon us, and it is typical during this time of year for the property market to hibernate until the Spring sunshine brings forth new optimism in the form of a wave of new sales listings and a new brood of enthusiastic buyers. Yet life goes on in the meantime, and of recent noteContinue Reading
Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

Flicking through the weekend papers I noticed an article about the size and price of inner city properties. The article’s conclusion was that traditionally smaller inner city blocks sell for more on a price per square metre basis compared with properties farther out of town. For instance, in the inner Melbourne suburb of Albert ParkContinue Reading
The Migrant Housing Boom

The Migrant Housing Boom

Migration is essential to Australia’s economic and social prosperity. Why We Need Migrants Although migration does have a troubled social past, our country has been forged on the backs of hard working immigrants, whether from the UK, Europe, Asia or elsewhere. Yes, there are culture shocks as accepted ways of living are challenged, such asContinue Reading

Budget Targets Battlers

Smokin’ Joe Hockey delivered his first Federal budget last night, and he followed through on his promise of pain before gain. It should be remembered that some of the welfare clawbacks are Howard handouts from a decade ago (pre GFC) when the economy was in completely different shape. That said, there are some extra hitsContinue Reading
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