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    Hey there,
    So I have 2 investment properties and I’m in the midst of building my home to live in. I was thinking about changing my super contributions to a higher percentage and purchasing my next investment through my super but before I do anything I want to make sure I know all the facts. My question is, who do I speak to about this? My accountant? Lawyers who specialize in property? Or a combination of people?. I want to make sure I’m well aware of any troubles and additional fees I may come accross, also to confirm if I’m even eligible.

    Thanks for any replies.


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    This is trick as there are different aspects so you would need tax, legal, credit and financial advice.

    Probably best to check with a broker first that your potential smsf trustee can in fact borrow. Macquarie have just pulled out of SMSF lending so there is a dwindling source and lenders out there. I can only think of one, Latrobe, off the top o fmy head.

    If you can’t get finance then there is no point in getting legal or financial advice.

    If there is then next step would be to seek out a financial planner (AFSL licenced) who should work in conjunction with a lawyer.

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    Perfect! That’s what I needed.

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    Hi Craig

    We have our own white label SMSF product which is a leader in the SMSF market.

    Certainly an area we see lots of borrowers come unstuck.

    Drop me a line if you would like me to get one of credit officers to email you some product specs.


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