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  • Hey guys, I’m looking at turning 1 of my investments in Tasmania to a 4bed from a 3 by transferring the sun room. What I cant seem to find is the requirements needed for it before it can be listed as a 4bed apart from “it must have a window greater than 5% of the floor space”.

  • Perfect! That’s what I needed.

  • Hey there,
    So I have 2 investment properties and I’m in the midst of building my home to live in. I was thinking about changing my super contributions to a higher percentage and purchasing my next investment through my super but before I do anything I want to make sure I know all the facts. My question is, who do I speak to about this? My…[Read more]

  • This is what I’ve been doing for the past year and a half. I live in a big house of 5 in inner Melbourne with friends and my girlfriend. It works out to be $600 a month for me which includes everything. I then use my extra money and buy IPs in Hobart that are positive cashflowed.

  • csargent89 replied to the topic Help needed. in the forum Help Needed! 2 years, 7 months ago

    I got no idea about the Sydney suburbs so I wont comment on that. Geelong however is a sound investment it will continue to keep booming as they try relieve pressure off Melbourne, even nearing towns like Winchelsea etc are feeling the benefits of geelongs extension. It all comes down to do you want capital growth or cash flow? Cause from what im…[Read more]

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