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    Hello everyone,

    With technological advances and disruptors flooding into all established industries, from food to finance, I am curious to hear everyone’s opinion as to where the Real Estate industry is headed?

    I am aware that there are few tech disruptors looking to take out Real Estate agents and others to cut out the middle man in property management. Regardless of how far these advancements are made, how many of you prefer human interactions, when dealing with selling and/or leasing.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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    A lot like the Internet itself, there will be some interest right upfront of course. Then, over time, as the concept becomes “less new” and there are more examples of “it really works”, you will see more take up the new ways. It took the Internet at least 10 years to gain acceptance by the masses.

    It will be many years yet before it becomes “the only game in town” though. There are too many dinosaurs, and most of us like the human interaction. I would think any obvious “Better ways” will be taken up quickly e.g. anything that piggy-backs off what we already do with the Internet and is easy to implement.


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    I Agree there are heaps of disrupters coming out but the tech guys need to be “Real Estate” guys and if the two actually get together and share and collaborate together then we might have a chance of making some good changes.

    It will be the way we interact with agents and property managers that will change as the tech becomes more “trustworthy” less need for personal interactions. Just my 2 cents anyway

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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