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  • Rebecca Harrison
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    Im looking at investing in Armstrong Creek, looking through the older posts people have posted on this up to 6years ago.
    Does anyone have any positive or negative information regarding investing here?

    House and Land package with full turn key for around 400,000 for a 4bedroom house on a 400 block. I am looking at investing purposes it will be a positive gear property. And if any trouble arises in my life it would be a place I can fall back on to live or sell off.

    If any has invested in this area how long ago and what has your growth been like and rental?

    Also im investing through Reventon, has anyone dealt with them before? Pros and Cons.

    This is my second time dealing with them as our first fell through before it was finished due to a martial breakup. We were investing back then in Balwyn- we have had no problems dealing with them, only thing was its still not built supposed to be finished this November- we sold it on at a cost of course rather then keep it and sell it when it was finished. it has been a good 9mth delay in building.
    so I had no problems and am happy to deal with them again- although I haven’t dealt with them when the project is finished and how they take it from there.

    Has anyone else invested through Reventon?? and reviews on them.

    Would really appreciate some advise taking this step as I am taking it alone this time and setting up hopefully for my future so I need to choose wisely- I guess as we all do.


    Profile photo of Richard TaylorRichard Taylor
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    Hi Rebecca

    Reventon has been widely discussed in a previous thread.


    Yours in Finance

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    Rebecca Harrison
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    Hi Richard,

    I have read this post did a search before I asked.
    But also have found not enough depth it was all quite negative yes, without anyone giving personal advice of dealing with them.

    I’m also wary of negative talk without being able to back it up and I felt this didn’t quite back up what is wrong to deal with them.
    I would like more hard core facts of people who have dealt with them and how they have found it. a few negative posts is ground enough for me.

    As I said its the second time dealing with them- I have found no problems with their prices and what they offered us. We were looking at apartments in Melb- 1st was in Footscray and Second we bought Balwyn as my ex got to many neg feedback on Footscray which I think were it was would have paid off. I also do my own research on what they offer of prices I can get off the plan if I didn’t go through them and there hasn’t been a big difference.
    I am looking at off the plan to
    A save on stamp duty
    B more to claim on tax being new
    C hoping due it being new not as many problems to fix with older houses
    D having a choice and also being a newer finish and update inside

    Thankyou for your reply

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    Hi Rebecca,

    Im interested if you ended up going through them for your second investment property and how that has worked out for you?


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