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    For the first time ever, a special seminar was held from Wed 18 to Sun 22 November for 70 valued clients.

    The setting was the 5 star RACV Healesville Country Club and the goal was to complete in 5 days what usually takes 12 to 18 months – to work through the whole property apprenticeship course – 66 sessions covering everything from analysing, buying and selling investment property.

    It was an ambitious goal, but I’m delighted to say we did it! Hooray! And judging by the feedback forms, not only was the information objective well exceeded, but so was the life impact too.

    I’ve put up this thread for participants to share their experiences and to answer any questions those who didn’t attend may ask.



    2015 Group Photo

    Update: We just finished our 2016 Bootcamp held from Wed 15 to Sun 19 June!

    2016 Group Photo

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    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

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    Thanks Steve for the opportunity to have you and your team for 5 intensive days! The last week has been a whirlwind of absorbing information, learning, sharing experiences, picking up gems of wisdom, networking and budding new friendships. I think the two key points I have come away with are:
    1) Improved confidence, competence and a clarified plan moving forward,
    2) That no matter your sophistication as an investor you will still face challenges and always continue learning.
    This second point has allowed me to accept that my investing journey is not going to be perfect and that I can be a little kinder to myself about the mistakes I have made thus far. It has made me more expectant and accepting of pot holes I may hit moving forward – but the most important thing is that it is that the fear of them is not going to hold me back now. To build on the pot hole analogy, I feel like I am in a 4WD now instead of a mini!
    I was really impressed with the delivery of the bootcamp and the calibre of the attendees. I hope I contributed as much as I gleaned from others. This was an experience I really value and would do again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and life’s work with us. I intend to maintain this brilliant momentum!

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    It was by far the best training event attended. Content was extremely informative and solidified the apprenticeship course material but also opened the opportunity to meet a lot of key networking contacts from beginners to advance level investors. We also had the chance to meet Steve personally rather than the seminar educator.

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    I’ve been investing in Real Estate for nearly 40 years, but have had significant challenges in the last 25 years due to an intensely risk averse spouse. My purpose was to get her to attend to provide empowerment so that she could support my return to property investing – a source of constant frustration at being sidelined. The way the course was structured, from the most basic of premises to the most complex of solutions, made it the perfect solution to taking someone in that mindset on an informative, empowering journey to know the right mindset, the right questions, the right approach, and to understand the risks of each step. The dialogue now between us has been transformed … mission achieved … albeit 20 years too late … but better late than never! Well done … however I think a 6 day course would be better next time, as we are exhausted.

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    Hi Steve,

    I must say the whole even was a great success. The content within the program was topical and delivered in an easy to understand manner whilst also being comprehensive. I congratulate you on the decision to facilitate the Boot camp. I personally was able to engage with many people from a myriad of backgrounds and experiences pertaining to property investing. I can honestly say that i gathered many new skills as a result of attending Bootcamp.
    I applaud you and wish to thank all the people i was able to meet and exchange experiences.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Steve, Team and Forum Members,

    I have no doubt that the 5 days we spent together will go down as one of (if not the most) memorable experiences of my life. The whole event was nothing short of exceptional. If you are ever presented with an opportunity like this again with any of the team from grasp it with both hands, hold it tight and embrace it. You won’t regret it. In Steve’s usual way we received more value than we could have hoped for with his team and himself giving us everything they could muster, going way beyond what anyone would expect with a number of pleasant unexpected surprises. The learning outcomes, practical applications, wisdom shared and encouragement was of tremendous life lasting value.

    I have been investing for over 10 years but had lost momentum in the last few years with doubts about some decisions (choices) I had made. The path had become unclear. But for me personally it has given me the kick in the pants I needed to take the next step in my property investing career and has provided a very clear plan, strategy and purpose moving forward. I no longer feel stuck and now have everything in my tool kit that I need to move forward. I now have no excuses and it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.

    In my experience there is no one better in the Australian market place (if not the world) to equip you and take you to the next level when it comes to Property Investing.

    As Steve would say….keep on making good choices!

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    Awesome event, learned valuable knowledge and real life examples ready for applying it to my own property portfolio. Great company, sophisticated property investors ready to support each other and Property Investing gang, Steve, Jason and Romy made it a productive, insightful and memorable experience. Highly recommended !

    Fight for the financial freedom momentum !

    Andrew Y
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    Hi Steve, Jason & Romy,

    WOW what a massive 5 days.

    Thanks Steve for all the hard work you put into this massive week of knowledge, I know you have personally added a huge amount of time into turning book knowledge into practical knowledge and I am sure everyone who attended left with a head full of ideas and a willingness to implement that knowledge, to continue to advance further in their property investing.

    I am also aware your team around you have a massive impact on the fluid nature of this training. Thanks for everyone’s effort.

    I was rapt with the conveyance of the boot camp and the quality of the group, and I hope my contributions where of value to those who attended. This was an experience I truly value and would recommend it to anyone who wants to advance not only in their investing but also in their life.

    The week was a vortex of captivating information, wisdom, picking up nuggets of real life experience, interacting, and nascent friendships.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and life’s work with us. I intend to maintain this brilliant momentum!

    Again thanks


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    Brilliant event. I am so fortunate to have had to opportunity to attend. This boot camp brought to life the text of the Property Apprenticeship and what on paper seemed daunting was, in Steve’s terms an Ah ha moment (or many of them). The discussions that were entered into with not only Steve and other trainers, but also with fellow boot campers were truly enlightening and encouraging.

    I have come away from the event buzzing and eager to move into my next project. It was an amazing group of likeminded people to have had the privilege of sharing time with and I am sure that our friendships will develop into worthwhile and beneficial partnerships.

    This is just the beginning of a promising road to bigger and better things.


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    It was really good to be there. The 5 days event was so great. 

    It was an every  routine  doing important  things to achieve  the goal of completing the 66 sessions.. It was very intensive……

    The event will help me to keep my momentum and keep moving forward.
    It was was perfect  as  I was surrounded by like minded people and to talk about what we have learnt.

    I had the opportunity to meet new people and to catch up with people I met before. It was great to hear other people stories of what they have been doing and what they would like to do next.

     At this event I found new information and also re affirm what I have learnt.

    So, now I feel more confident to use the information, teach my daughter and apply my knowledge, get good habits in life and make less mistakes.

    It is so good to have better knowledge now to start using it as soon as I can.

    Thank you Steve, Jason and Romy.

    Great event !

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    This bootcamp was the most positive, energising, thorough and content rich event I’ve ever been to. I met some brilliant people and learnt so much that my mind is still racing!
    The people I met not only came from all over Australia and even New Zealand, but from all different investing backgrounds. What an amazing group of people – there was a vibe that is hard to describe in the room and I am just so thankful to have been part of this experience. Completing in 5 days what normally takes 18mths has given me a huge headstart on the Cert4 assessments. It has also left me with crystal clear wealth creation goals. Thanks Steve, Jason, Romy and all 70 of the participants in making this event so memorable!

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    I have been to a few property courses. The Property Apprenticeship is by far the most comprehensive and professionally run training I have seen. The 5 day BootCamp was intense, and the long days were tiring, but the information was so valuable.
    The food, accommodation and village was just beautiful.
    I walked away with a great insight into my weaknesses of my previous approach, and how to approach property investing in a better way.
    It was great to meet some very experienced investors and some first time investors. There was a real cross-section of people at the course.
    The cost of the course is nothing compared to what I have gained, and what I could potentially earn from knowing the information in the course.


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    G’day Steve, Jason, Romy

    Thank you so much for the time and effort that you put in to make the event happen. I had such a great time and learned so much. I feel very privileged to have been a part of the event. Thank you also to my fellow boot-campers who also added so much to the event with their knowledge, enthusiasm and stories about not only property investing but also about life.

    I now feel much more confidant moving forward on my investing journey and my ability to succeed into the future. I also look forward to catching up with the fantastic team who came together for the event.

    Best wishes to everyone.


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    The Bootcamp was a mind-blowing experience because you get to learn from the best and it’s entertaining all the way! Steve is not only a successful property investing entrepreneur but he has the gift of conveying a wealth of information to a lay audience and keeps them hanging on for more.

    We have done some property education in the past and this is by far the most comprehensive and practical. Highly recommended to people who want to stop losing money on bad investment decisions.

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    What a brilliant 5 days we had with Steve in the most comprehensive, intensive and inspiring training that we have completed. We have invested very significantly in education and I have recently graduated for the Property Apprenticeship in 12 months. With knowing the volume of work in the program, I thought it was impossible that Steve could do justice to the course. But Steve did not disappoint. The program across the 5 days provided a unique opportunity to identify how all the parts fit together and to clearly differentiate how important aspects such as mindset and strategy, management and selling are – areas that are often missed by other educators and from our own experience the keys to successful investing. Steve’s experience as an active and sophisticated investor having completed deals across many different strategies and confronting a wide range of experiences, allowed the sharing of practical solutions to bring light to the concepts covered. Jason did a great job in supporting Steve with teaching some of the sessions and Romy is the ultimate conductor with all going to plan. Thanks to the team in pulling together a great event.

    The energy, focus and momentum in the bootcamp were brilliant with the most advanced group of property investors that we have had the pleasure to be part of. There was a real sense of cooperation and support within the group and we are sure that there will be many new friends that we will remain in contact with.

    Would very highly recommend this program regardless of your experience level. For new investors, it’s an opportunity to get the A-Z of property investing so that you can start off applying a comprehensive approach that will set you up for success. For more experienced investors, it provides an opportunity to revisit strategy and its alignment to your goals, to reassess your effectiveness in what you have been implementing and to identify improvements to run your investing as a business. Personally there were multiple take-outs that we have from the program which I know will propel our investing to the next level.

    Thanks Steve for sharing your wisdom. It is so inspiring to see how at peace you are with where you are at and the strength of the relationship with your family. We feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of the Bootcamp.

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    Thanks for all of you who have added your thoughts above. What a huge selection of positive comments after what sounded like a huge effort on everyone’s part, whether a presenter or an attendee.

    Just reading this thread has fired me up – but “being there” would mean so much more. I must make the effort to get to Melbourne if this were offered again.

    But now, this thread has dropped off the front page, and I was wanting to read more…. so here is a “bump” to bring it back into the spotlight. Please add YOUR thoughts, if you haven’t already….


    PS And down the track, I would love to read of the actions that followed this Bootcamp, and the progress made by its attendees.

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    Hi Steve

    Thank you for a fantastic 5 days. It was great to learn so much in such a short amount of time.

    Before the boot camp and the readings beforehand I thought I knew a bit about investing already, but there was so much that I didn’t know or didn’t appreciate and as you have said only a small percentage of investors go into the detail required to truly become “sophisticated” investors. We still have a long way to go but we are definitely a lot more competent and confident in what to do and how to do it and have found ourselves making more offers now! This was a great experience and it was more than just the learning that was valuable – it was also the networking and good, solid connections made that added to the breadth of the experience.

    Thanks Steve for your wisdom, your time and willingness to take us through this journey.


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    Any plans for another one to run?

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    hi Steve and team , I have completed the course but never got informed on this I wold have loved to come along and share the experience with a group of like minded investors iam so bummed I missed the opportunity are you going to be doing another in 2016 I would really love to come along this year I have plans to get back on the horse and invest again

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    did you guys run through the course context or did you tackle the assessment’s also?
    iam also going to go through the course again I did learn a lot the first time iam sure more things will hit me on the second time around

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