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    WestnBlue, Great work mate, really awesome

    I feel myself and many others would be helped by you really breaking down

    -what properties you started with and the criteria

    -How you searched and found them, how many agents/etc you spoke with etc

    -What due Dilligence you personally did, etc

    -anything else that may help and shape and inform and create a more full picture.

    Cheers brother

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    Trying again to make a more readable table for the first post:-

    Broken Hill______________44,000_____YES________95,000_______190_____10%
    Broken Hill______________25,000_____YES________79,000_______175_____12%
    Cairns _________________42,000________________70,000_______140_____10%
    Cairns _________________45,000________________72,000_______155_____11%
    Broken Hill ______________39,000________________87,000_______170_____10%
    Park Ridge______________62,000____YES________120,000_______200______8%
    Broken Hill______________39,000____YES_________95,000_______220_____12%
    Park Ridge (2 units)_______225,000_______________300,000_______440______7%
    Wishart – Unit___________136,000_______________180,000_______255______na
    Kangaroo Pt, NSW______380,000_______________480,000______1520_____16%
    (4 x 2br Units)

    Totals____________Paid_1,236,000_________Value 1893,000____$3925/wk__10.8%

    Hmmm – that seemed to work……


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    I am inspired to see the article, and the credit goes to you. Thanks for your great work, Darryl.

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    Hey Darryl, how has your portfolio weathered the last 12 months of price deflation? Have you experienced any negative equity?

    Have you had some free cash to purchase properties in the past few months?



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    Congratulations mate!

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