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    I've just recently enrolled myself to the Gym. I want to burn lots of calories in my stomach. 

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    I try to do as little as possible. ;)

    But I also lurve my skiing – over 1.5m at Falls Creek & still falling. I feel another property inspection coming on.

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    Me too!

    I looove to travel, but I tend to like doing longer stints of travel as well as do some volunteer work when I can. Travel and volunteer work are what I'm really passionate about.

    The last 3 places where I travelled for a longer-than-average period of time were Bangladesh, Thailand and Taiwan.

    Other hobbies I have are doing Body Combat classes, and other martial arts classes, and gym training.

    I also enjoy learning languages. I've been learning French and Chinese over the past few years.

    Bonjour a tous!

    Nin hao!

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    I can match that:

                        I try to do as little as possible. ;)

    I also try to spend as much time with Mrs Dubs, and we also like to travel the world.


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    During weekends, I tend to go fishing or mountain climbing with my friends.

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    jim64 wrote:
    I get my release from restoring cars,being a Holden boy,the collection includes only classic cars of the 1970,s.Have a HQ SS,HX Sandman ute,HJ Sandman van,HZ  Monaro,HJ  Monaro,HQ Coupe.I have a bloody big shed!!!!!!

    My BIL has an FJ. Started restoring it 25 years ago and it's just been sitting in his garage. He has it on Ebay this weekend.

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    I spend my time doing a drawing portrait of random people when I'm not busy at work while drinking beer too:)

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    I like combining scuba diving and travel…..have a few os trips under my belt and hoping to purchase ip's at good dive sites around the country.

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    Outdoor adventure is pretty much my hobby. I love climbing up on mountains and setting up a tent and grilling meat in the middle of the sunny day. That's what I do in my free time.

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    It always intrigues me what makes people tick. We've just bought the small farm I grew up on. I'm absolutely passionate about it and it's where I can be myself, take the tie off after work and start to de-stress by jumping on the tractor or motorbike, talking to the cows, or just admiring the sunset with a nice cool beer in hand! 

    It's run as a business and while the tax deductions are fantastic its more of a lifestyle choice really.  My mates think I'm mad working like a crazy person for little or no return but it keeps me sane… sort of! Mind you sometimes I reckon those people who spend all Sunday reading the paper and drinking coffee are onto something :)

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    I try keeping up with my 3 boys 5,3 and 2.

    I put the toys away at least 10 times a day, and that's after I come home from work lol.  

    At least I know if I lost my job I'd be able to pick up employment as a butler somewhere. 

    You're onto something Rusty……..Reading the paper and coffee on Sunday is my 'me time' at the moment. 


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    I develop Property and buy commercial property in the United States. My hobby and passion is politics I loved watching the US elections not so much the result. I also follow Australian politics used to be very actively involved and still  follow very closely. Of course politics is also important for what I do. My daughter is also blessed with a great sing voice she is 13 so I spend a lot of my time encouraging her and my 10 year old has just joined the black belt club for Karate which is for people wanting to fast track to a black belt. So all these things keep me busy

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    Must admit i am soccer tragic and have spent 44 years following my home own team of Bournemouth who have made it to the Championship for the 2nd time in their history.

    Knocking at the door of possible Premium League play off and trust me i will be there for these games if it happens.

    Don't worry always take the laptop so will answering emails whilst i am in the UK.

    Other than that travel. Still have around 84 countries i haven't been to but plan to knock them off over the next few years.

    Mountain biking and golf are also pretty up there as well as fine dining. Got a little restaurant in Williamstown i love visiting every time i am down in Melbourne. 


    Yours in Finance

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    I tend to take the family on an overseas trip once or twice a year, but since my wife only sleeps under '5-stars' and likes to lay flat on flights it can get quite expensive! So, I'm trying to cut back on the travel bit for the next few years, however, having my 2nd child due in a few weeks will certainly help that. I also play sport, at least 4-5 games of something a week, and so far my knees are holding up.

    I do work a lot, and again, I'm cutting back on that, and have taken 3 months leave from my 2nd job. Well, that's not true, I've just taken leave from the travel component, which means that I won't be traveling with 'work' for the first time in 15 years!

    Weirdly, I like learning, so I find myself looking up lessons on MIT Open Courseware (FYI – MIT have quite a few FREE online courses that anyone can do), or actually doing another course at uni to keep myself distracted from my day job.

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    I’ve traveled around the world a lot. I’ve been blessed with two legs and a good passport. Even if I had a ‘bad’ passport, I would never let that stop me from traveling. I have now entered a total of over 70 countries, 4-5 years travel outside Australia and learned the basics of few languages. I’ve met thousands of amazing people around the world. It’s astonishing to me, the way that by simply being open, warm and welcoming to people, that they return the same qualities and can become memorable friends.

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    I’m mildly obsessed with photography at the moment. I purchased my first decent SLR a little while ago and it’s turned into an expensive hobby.



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    I play indoor cricket. It’s great because everyone gets a go, not like the schoolyard days. Even though I bowl pies you don;t have to go fetch because of the net.



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    I do allot of exercising, train three times a day….

    Plenty of walking and running

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    Live in beautiful country, lovely roof over head, eat good food, drink good wine and clean water, don’t exercise enough, getting fat, watch bad TV, grumble a bit, stop grumbling, remember that I am luckier than 99.9% of the world’s population, forget this again when somebody parks across 2 spaces in the car park useless *****!!! oops remember this is a first world problem how lucky am I ?? Must not use bad language. Yes but my bung knee is really sore, yes but I have grilled scallops with rocket for dinner yum yum it doesn’t get much better than this so anyway I stop and count my blessings go on investor forum ramble on, chat to strangers, write birthday card for good friend, check work e mails, stop working, must stop smell roses, but love job, great people, nice company busy busy. Plan holiday – first cruise ever – holiday with 2000 other people how bizarre? Plan retirement too hard plenty of money as long as don’t live too long oh yum dessert too lemon delicious!

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    Thought I’d share a link that shows me combining my two hobbies: property investing and surfing.

    Within I detail my latest investment and provide a snapshot of the infrastructure to come at this neat little pocket on the QLD coast.

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