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    I would like to know if having a bathtub increases or decreases your property value?


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    It depends on who you are marketing your property towards. Is it a trendy apartment/unit meant to entice young singles/couples without kids or a house meant for families?
    I'm not sure how it affects value, but the singles/couple may prefer a double shower or double vanity. Someone with kids or planning them will definately prefer a bath, even if its only the smallest one. I think this would apply for resale and rental prospects.
    Just my opinion,

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    yup, a bath is always good for a family rental, I would think not having one would be a detraction to a property.  I've just bought one, and they have renovated and taken it out, however, I have the chance as its a high set to build in downstairs, add a bedroom and another bathroom, and yup, the bath will go in there, even if its a shower over the bath situation, at least gives you the flexability then.

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    Maybe not improve the value too much, but certainly the appeal factor in most cases.

    Without trying to be sexist; most women love baths, and the chances of a woman living in your property at some point are good.

    But as Diclem says; who is the target market?

    Personally; I would always have one in the property. Without them the bathroom looks empty if it's a big room, and looks like a powder room if it's a small room.

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    well if it comes to a choice between shower and bath….go the shower everytime.  And none of that 'shower over the bath' business. Everyone hates those. If it's a small bathroom, put in a shower and towel cupboard.

    Regardless of Marc's comments I think the last time I had a bath was over 9yrs ago when I was pregnant.

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