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  • I'm with you on that one, Rich Sparky, I'll add some…….. holiday pay, RDO's and trade school, one week every four weeks where the apprentice gets a full weeks wage including allowances and he/she's not earning you a cent :)How about the stuff ups, expected from a learner of course, but can be very costly….. a slow drip under a basin that goes…[Read more]

  • Thank you for your comments, much appreciated :)

  • Thanks for the replies.I have an LOC and a separate IO basic loan with them.These loans worked well for us in the good old days ie. About 12 months ago!As you'll know, they upped their interest rate what seemed like every month.Apparently I have a 1.5% discount on my rate, feel sorry for those that don't.Have looked into a NAB Choice package,…[Read more]

  • Hi Don,I saw NAB have their 2 yr fixed loan at 6.99%Don't know if that's what Richard was referring to.Cheers,Sue

  • Thank you for your reply Alysha,Sue

  • Hi, I don't think the figures add up…Inverloch falling 13% from 305,000 to 280,000 ….. 13% of 305K is 39650….. the 25K drop they've shown is 8.2%Anglesea from 440K to 420K equals a 4.5 % drop, not 9.7% as they stated.Is my maths way off the mark?Sue

  • Thanks for the info Richard,I have Macquarie lo doc loans as well. A LOC and a separate basic loan for an investment property.The LOc jumped up .4% last week, which I expected, but the other loan up .7%!I have also been looking to buy another IP with 20% coming fom LOC and taking another loan…….I now have my business financials up to date so…[Read more]

  • I don't understand the constant referral to tradies being of low IQ or lacking brain cells.Why is this assumed, is it because they didn't go to uni and prefer to do manual work?As a parent, I've noticed there a different types of intelligence. I don't think you are necessarily one type or another, but likely to be stronger in one area……Three…[Read more]

  • Phorsha,I would gladly pay an IT professional $88 to come out to my house and remove a virus from my system. In fact, I would be happy to pay more. Even if it took them two minutes…. if its something I can't do myself,  I would happily pay a professional to do it for me.

  • diclem replied to the topic Macquarie (global limit) LOC in the forum Finance 12 years ago

    Thanks for that Richard, I didn't realise they compensate for the insurance in the interest rate. Although my lodoc is at a lower rate than their advertised lodoc rate – I guess I might be getting a little loyalty discount as I'm near the end of the five year penalty period!Thanks also Trent, I do have a Global limit on my LOC between my sub…[Read more]

  • diclem replied to the topic Macquarie (global limit) LOC in the forum Finance 12 years ago

    Hi Madproperty,I have had a macquarie LOC for nearly five years now and haven't had any problems. The only complaint was that they raised their interest rates by .3% very quickly after the US sub prime loan problems. After that happened I did a bit of shopping around and couldn't really find a better deal as my LOC is low doc. Everywhere else I…[Read more]

  • diclem replied to the topic bath tub in the forum Value Adding 12 years ago

    Hi,It depends on who you are marketing your property towards. Is it a trendy apartment/unit meant to entice young singles/couples without kids or a house meant for families?I'm not sure how it affects value, but the singles/couple may prefer a double shower or double vanity. Someone with kids or planning them will definately prefer a bath, even if…[Read more]

  • Hi Phorsha,Did the plumber give you the answer you were looking for? Or give you advice to fix your problem?Did you ask your dad to ask what the estimated cost would be before he came out?If you knew the price, and I imagine you did as you wanted a discount, then why does it matter how long it took?If you didn't get the service you were looking…[Read more]

  • I agree with Scott, why is this pipe going through your property?I imagine you must already have a drainage easement on your land, if that's the case then I don't think you have much choice.The developer of course, has to return your property to how it was previously.Please get some official advise on this one.Cheers, Sue

  • As I have been a member for a while I do remember a "Westan" who used to contribute to this forum quite a bit. On reading the article, and the details on his deals, I believe it is the same person…..Are you still on this forum Westan?Perhaps you'd like a chance to put your side of the story across?

  • Hi Simbacat,KY is correct in this first part of his post. If you simply refinance to the full loan possible, the extra money above the 189k current mortgage would be seen as used to fund your new residence. Not used for the purpose of purchasing your investment unit and therefore not tax deductable.By selling to your husband, he can take a loan…[Read more]

  • I agree with the general theme of the above topics, especially the post by jtw. I was at a birthday BBQ saturday night and obviously surrounded by Labour voters. They were ecstatic about the result. I was feeling a little ill myself! Where are the Labour voters on the forum? Or are property investors more inclined to favour the Liberals?

  • Well they finally placed the settlement money in my account….late Tuesday.The amount is slightly lower than the original cheque I saw, I think they deducted their fee already!Maybe they have got half a brain between them and realised I'd dispute their "fee for service"No doubt it happens to them a lot.Now I may have to just write them an…[Read more]

  • Thank you Raddles,The name on the cheque was the same as the name on the contract and every other document they have. It's not like we asked for a cheque in a completely different name.I realise its a simple mistake, but this is a legal procedure where everything should be double checked surely.It's their attitude and total lack of communication…[Read more]

  • diclem replied to the topic written offers in the forum Help Needed! 12 years, 2 months ago

    Astrawan, please speak to a legal professional to confirm that nothing can be done.I guess there is a possibility that the purchaser finance may fall through….but as i said speak to a professional.Best of luck

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