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    I have just been alerted to a property management case a few days ago where a house was burning down and the tenant rang the property manager instead of the fire station! The reason was that the letter given to her by the managing company stated that "all repairs and maintenance should be reported to the agency"!!!

    To me it is blatantly obvious that if a house is burning you call 000 and ask for the fire brigade you do not ring a real estate agency unless you are just plain stupid!

    To protect our agency against stupidity we have just amended our letters to tenants to state that in the case of emergency please ring 000 or ring the police NOT US!

    All this leaves me to wonder if all these obvious labels we see on various products are just to protect businesses from these type of stupidity or spitfulness that so many consumers seem to posess. Things like:

    "Warning contains nuts" written on a pack of peanuts (no kidding!!!)
    "Warning contents hot" on take away coffee containers!
    "Not for human consumption" written on dog and cat food!
    "Remove child before folding" written on a pram!
    "Do not iron clothes while wearing them" written on an iron.

    I think they should get rid of all these labels, they cause people to become more stupid and not take responsibility and instead introduce a "common sense law" which basicly states that if you are too stupid to recognise that peanuts are actually nuts or that coffee is actually hot then the law will not protect you against your own stupidity!

    If dumb people were not so protected by law then more people would be taking responsibility for their own actions and we would all prosper more as a society! What do others think???

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    Yeah i agree, let Darwins theory of evolution take it's natural course.

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    LOLOL tatts_83!!

    oh Xenia there seems to be a lot of people out there that need protection from themselves.  Reminds me of this story about a man after purchasing his brand new computer had to ring the call centre because he couldnt get anything up on the screen.  After fiddling about, trying this and that for half an hour, they finally figured out that the computer wasn't plugged into the power point.  The call centre guy (thoroughly frustrated by this time) asked if the guy still had the box that the computer came in. When the reply was 'yes' the call centre guy said    " well pack it all back up and take it back where  you got it  BECAUSE PEOPLE AS DUMB AS YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE A COMPUTER!!!"

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    That property story sounds like an urban myth to me.

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    Great story, but an Urban Myth.
    I've read that same story about 3 years ago in an industry RE forum.
    Could it possibly of happened recently to another stupid person? ….Who knows?

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    I witness the "dumbing down" of society every day over here. The problem is; over here it's perpetrated by the Govt and Media (via the Govt and special interest groups). Scary place. Land of the brave; Home of the free – not.

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