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    I have a proof of funds of one million dollars that I can utilize and thought of using it in RE.  Any suggestions on the best type of investing to make some cash without using the funds but just showing POF only?

    I know there's foreclosure, flipping, wholesaling, tax foreclosures, rehabs, development, and many other aspects but what could I do just showing POF.

    Let me know what you think……

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    There is limited things you can do without actually using the money or using it as security.

    You could use 100% lends

    You could buy cheap property, pay cash and then mortgage after settlement based with the loan based on valuation. This could release all of your funds so it is 100% plus financed.

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    The best thing you could do is spend some of the money on educating yourself. If it was as simple as getting all the right answers from one post on a forum then everyone would be a billionaire!

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    People make money from all of the ways you've mentioned – and more – in real estate.  The thing is to do what you like, what you feel comfortable and what you KNOW how to do well so I agree that you should perhaps start looking around at materials to read and learn and then make a decision based on what sits best with you and what you can best manage.

    There's no one answer unfortunately – although, for what it's worth, I like property development because the returns are great – IF you know what you're doing and you do it well and CAREFULLY.


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