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    Hi all,

    I was just wondering where every body has gone … the number of users on this site has dropped drastically … is it a sign of the times or is there another reason …


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    Initially I nearly gave up on the new look forum because I couldn't easily see what posts had been added to since my last visit and I was not prepared to search each section looking.

    But I now log in and go to "Forums – Active Topics" on the top left of the page and can see what has been added. I still don't think it is as easy as it was, but I have gotten used to it.

    Perhaps others didn't have the patience to do that and have simply left.


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    There is only one reason why I have not been frequenting this site. It was simply because I got that frustrated with continually having to login and login and login again and then when you post to login again. Continually a nagging thing that you have to logging it seemed a big time waster that got on my nerves eventually I spat the dummy and said I was not using the site again.

    I decided from just that alone that i was not going to visit this site again and have not much recently, I reluctantly left. Whenever at somersoft it always has you logged in and even after many days not using the site, then loading it or even when you type the address in the address bar and load again it automatically has you logged in and all systems go.

    I think generally people may have disappeared not because of a log in issue as i have but just a slowing of interest in real estate perhaps. Just guessing!

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    The new forum is hopeless.

    The active topics list is completely broken.
    The advanced search is near useless (can't even search by member).

    I can't be bothered clicking through each forum/subforum looking for new posts or ones I've contributed to, so I simply don't. I don't think I'm alone. I'd love to know where everybody is leaving for. I hope it's not somersoft, as I've repeatedly registered there but never had a single post show up (censorship?). Anybody know?

    F. [cowboy2]

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    I just hate the new format

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    I have noticed that the quality of posts is not what it was a couple of years ago…..Where have some of the old regulars gone ?

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    Hi Foundation,

    I totally agree, the new setup is hopeless.
    I sent a message to a few days ago regarding the fact that I can't mark topics read as I could before. No response yet.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the problem with Somersoft. I have had no problem there….yet.


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    Yeah – the forum is now totally P poor. Ther is no way to keep track of what you are interested in unless you either scroll through pages of history, all the time not knowing who has posted anyway, or get bombadred with emails if you subscribe to a post (if it lets you). The new forum is SO dissapointing-with the losers being anyone who wants some help and advice – I'm only here now because there are no new motorbikes of interest on ebay, and I was wondering who else is bothering to post now. SO there you have it – I don't envisage frequenting the site much any longer unfortunately – which is a shame,as it used to be quite interesting and had a nice 'homely' feel to it. And I did check just in the off chance it had been 'fixed up' to a usable method as promised  – but alas no. THis is why thes same topics are rehashed time and time again – no on can find anything! Maybe we can set up a new site. Any ideas? Take care, and all the best with your journey/s.

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    I don't like the new format either and think not many are posting because of this.
    But I ahve never had a problem logging in like Jaffasoft – why not just get firefox or explorer to save your password.

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    So Steve if you are reading this what are you going to do about it or don't you care either – a leader listens then takes massive action other wise you will lose respect from the people who have supported you and your books for so long ??

    IMHO ,,, D

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    "Don't let yr character be impacted by yr surroundings, instead make yr character impact yr surroundings"
    – Rachel Scott(17 yr old killed in columbine shooting 1999)

    Yesterday I found this quote (I collect them).

    I think it says it all, this forum is no better than we so if your not happy change or change it.

    Knowledge is what I am here for.

    There is just a different label on the jar that’s all.

    My stamp of approval is where ever I hang around.

    'Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.' – Albert Einstein

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    This site used to be a very good resource a couple of years back, but I do I think it could still be good for some newer investors. 

    I gave up on it a while back due to the fact that it was so slow at certain times of the day (when most used)…I'd say the server was overloaded and they needed more bandwidth or additional server space.

    I have been back on the site a bit more lately and this issue seems to have been resolved.


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    Just logged in for the first time in a few weeks to post some info on my local patch for investors and found 13 plus 2 online – can remember times of 100 plus

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    "I think of finance as a technology, a way of getting things done." Robert Shiller

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    hi all
    I must admit I don't like the new look,i too have to log in each time and cant find my wayaround as well.
    I do think that steve needs a caveat emptor page as well.
    I am a bit busy so have not been here for a while but have been having a read any change does take time to re adjust I
    I flick out very quickly and gloss over alot of the posts, as I am trying to read posts that I have not gone thru before.
    I try to find the posts that are not just I am looking for a posi property can anyone point me in the rigt direction.
    hope you all are well.
    my .002

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    i just joined this forum few days ago….
    i am pretty new..

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    Hi everyone

    Just happen to take a break to see what's up at  I'm probably the most unlikely person to login and comment, this is an exception.  The new format has made browsing for followup topics difficult ;and so most ,I dare say, gave up.

    I think this actually lead to some making use of their time doing rather than watching this space, any thoughts?  It maybe a good thing…

    I was given the impression by other fellow forumites it maybe better next door at somersoft; not a regular but will check it out.


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    Agree the format of this forum is awful. Interestingly I've compared the number of 'active users' on this forum on several evenings this week, with Somersoft and Invested.

    I'm seeing numbers averaging 70-90 on Somersoft, compared to 20-30 on Invested and 10-20 on!

    I find Somersoft far, far better. Invested is good for managed funds discussions, but that's about it.


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    In my first glance at the new format some weeks back and surfing around for a while, I quickly found myself wanting to go back to the previous format which was more user friendly.

    After a few weeks of not going to and coming back today, I still find wishing the site would go back to its old format, especially when it came to keeping track of read articles. The previous format was good; it only needed to be quicker (a server upgrade would do nicely…)

    The number of users and guests have dropped dramatically since the new format came online. The topics have gotten less interesting and is attacting less users and guests, who feel less of a desire to post new and interesting topics, which attracts less users and guests…

    A downwards spirial cycle…

    Bring down aspects of the previous format, please.

    Daniel Lee

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    Hi guys,
    That quote is powerful hey colin! I was so blown blown away by what that young girl achieved and her level of faith in her short life before she got tragically shot.Her ministry today impacts hundrds of thousands of lives all over the world,as her dad goes around the world sharing hope!Its powerful!
    any way
    in regards to the new site format,i am struggling with it too and havent been around for a while but hey we all hate change hey!
    I find it hard to know where yr last posts go if u comment on a topic,anyway i know they will sort out the glitches ,its the same with anything new i guess,it needs a tune .Its great that steve has been so generous to us ,paying for this expensive upgrade .
    It will come good guys!


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    Property Support,Strategist and Buyers Agent

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