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    Thanks all.


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    the easiest way is slow but sure — the same as PROVING one can meet a mortgage — put the money aside each week one would spend on a property –you wont earn the dollars BUT you will earn the respect that you CAN do it and still live well –after 6mths a year of saving — both can see a few more possibilities. finding the real mindset behind a partner not wanting to invest is the real key –and that takes a lot of good communication fun times togther getting safe and relaxed enough to talk –HAVE FUN –the most valuable thing one has is not a material asset –its connection

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    Dear aussiexj,

    Do you want me to give you the absolute best advice that you will ever ever receive in your entire life???????? If so… read on

    The answer to your problem is….

    Call Ross Jeffries and he will teach you how to get your wife to love you more than you ever dreamed possible. She will love you so much that that she will do whatever you want. YOU will now have ALL the power in the relationship.I truly meant that she will do absolutely whatever you want. Why? Because she will be so in love that she will not be able to stand the thought of you being in any way angry upset etc.

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    i found that last post by mr metro to be highly offensive and inapropriate as i wish for my children to pruse this site for there education and i dont appreciate them being exposed to pornography

    as i am an italian catholic it is inapropriate to be discussing your marital affairs in an open property forum

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    Hi AXJ

    I have two friends that are identical twins, raised in the same family in the same conditions, yet they are totally different and don’t agree on everything. Let alone two people that are put together by marriage, there are bound to be differences of opinions in many things, investing is just one of them.

    If my partner doesn’t agree with an investment strategy, then its my fault and I’m not communicating the full benefits to him. I find that if I have it clear in my head what the numbers are, what we can make and what the risks are, he is more likely to come to the table. If you’re not that good at selling your ideas, maybe finding a mentor who can help to communicate things to your partner will aid your situation.

    My partner was also ultraconservative and very scared in the early days, we started small and he got to SEE that money can be made. We also went to the same courses and once he got his education up, there was almost an instant overnight shift into an investor context of thinking! Now he manages his own projects and I manage mine, that way we get double the amount of investing done!

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    I am not a believer in sharing of finances. Every risk I take and buck I spend is MY worry, MY concern, MY loss, or MY profit. I don’t think a partner should be convinced or cajoled into investing with another.

    I think you can invest your own money into your adventures and ventures. If you make money, then you can have time and money to travel- as is your wish. If your ventures are successful, no doubt your partner will see the fruits of your endeavours and sxhe’ll be screaming to climb on the investment cart. If you feel like you *need* her finances to fund your investments, then it seems unfair- it’s just like asking someone for a loan.

    If she doesn’t want to invest with you, then I think that’s her right. I look at half the cokamamie (sp?) schemes involved in real estate and would NEVER put my money into them. It all depends on what you want to do. If you say you have a “big picture” without much focus on the details… then I am completely unsurprised she has no great desire to rush in. Also, asking forum members about their “tactics” to get someone involved in financial ventures… well, that sounds kind of manipulative to me.

    I don’t think that someone who earns their money and doesn’t wanna chuck it away has some innate character flaw. A LOT of people have lost money in real estate- and if their partners stayed out of the financial investment- well, I bet the partner is lgad they did- *despite* them being told they would be missing out on great fortunes.

    I really think any person should be able to spend their money- or invest it- or not- as they choose. You might make a fortune- or you may lose it all- who knows? If you lose all your money- well, sometimes it happens. I prefer to have all risk, and all profit/loss. Entangling relationships and finances… well, it’s like working with a partner- I think it’s best to split those things.

    I know most people probably have more traditional relationships of sharing money… but really, if you go down and your partner still has money, at least she’ll be good for a loan [inlove]

    kay henry

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    Dear Rusty,

    Your comments were truely rude to the poor guy asking the question.

    Your wife cannot help the way she feels. Everyone is just simply a product of their environment. You need to get her to some seminars, books, give her evidence.

    I am the wife in the family and I am the ONLY one interested in investing. I am lucky though, whilst my husband doesn’t have a direct interest, he sees the benefits and goes with whatever I want to do with regards to investing. Perhaps she should email me – I am happy to talk to her. You just need to bring her out of her comfort zones a bit.

    The thing that keeps me going is looking at the alternative. Do I want to be still working full-time at 60 NO. Do i want to work hard all my life just to own my own home and have no income, NO. Your lovely wife just needs to ask herself those questions.

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