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    thought this was sufficiently off topic from ‘mcknight buys shedloads of US houses’ to start own thread.

    “G’Day Mini,
    Quite awhile ago I asked you “what did you learn from S.McK.’s Seminar? You replied “heaps”.
    You didn’t elaborate. So now I’m asking, how has S.McK.’s Seminar change you from “before” to “after”?

    before seminar: freelance self employed prof. ‘if i don’t work I don’t get paid’. paying rent in Sydney. spend everything you earn and a bit more on the credit card

    invest in 3 cheapie houses in NZ cashflow 20 percent after reno. Paid cash. Income from rents enables me to live rent-free (equivalent) in Sydney.


    and that was just the beginning. But it’s already life-changeing then and there…live rent free…
    Extra time freed up spent starting up two new business. Both HEAPS OF FUN. One requires 80k startup capital. One doesn’t, is a human resources business. Pull this out of houses which have tripled in value. And still have 2 houses and bought a duplex.


    Now have completed 80k prototype of intellectual property which could sell for anything from 0-Millions. If zero, then “property let me afford a really expensive and fun hobby while working LESS hard not more hard.”

    If millions, then “property was leverage for me to get to a level I could not previously imagine had been possible.”

    It’s weird…I’d pulled out 80k in cash to do this prototype but still had twice the amount I started with, which presently grew back up to 3 x the amount I started with. Now that capital gains have supposedly slowed in NZ, hey, I am making more and faster than I was when it was going up like mad. Explain that? Ok, well it’s the skill of the investor, not a victim ‘ride’ along with the market which is how most people do it.

    Seminar – back to that for a sec – teaches you those SKILLS. As I tried them out one by one, THEY WORKED!

    property now – done 180 deals in the last year. bought, sold, flipped, flicked, JV’d, am building a multi-res development in NZ now. Everything except WRAPS. Stayed away from them, too busy, too ‘human’ an investment, I prefer bricks and sticks and dirt. people are now even trusting me with power of attorney to go do deals with their money for a cut (of liability as well as profit, of course.!)

    “I’ve notice a difference in you.”

    Damn straight! Who wouldn’t be different after “making their dreams come true” sickly skitey though that sounds. True but. Not everyone who goes to Steve’s seminars does something, but I did. And in the face of MUCHO opposition (98 percent of people said I was nuts buying in NZ for 16k per house. Did it anyway. Hah!

    If I hadn’t done that I would have spent the money (start up capital) over 2-3 years and still been ‘if I don’t work I don’t get paid’.

    “You don’t debate as you use to. Don’t jump in any more. Don’t post as much.”
    Partly because I am too busy, partly because I got bored with the same old negative posts and newbie posts, after 2-3 years diligently trying to answer all the questions I thought ‘you know, just search the forum why don’t you.’ It has already been said, by me, here, so why not let someone else say it cause they obviously didn’t get it when I said it.

    Partly cause I care less. I can’t shout down the negativity, so I’ll leave them to it.

    Partly because 98 percent of people now wish they had bought a lot of houses in NZ when they were 16k. Vindication and all that.

    “I once asked you, had you found GOD”

    Funny that. When you get your life back you stop struggling and it does tend to make you more philosophical: more realising that there are no victims, that you (me) could have still been ‘there’ wingeing and making up stories about why I wasn’t rich or whatever instead of realising that if I want financial security and choices, I can make that happen. Realising we are powerful creators and can make things happen.

    So where God comes into it, is that suddenly when you feel better about yourself, you are happier, you feel more like helping others, feel more connected to others, you have time to care, you feel more valuable to the world than you did. now I have choices like…crikey at this rate i’ll die leaving at least 5 mill behind. So at ten percent that’s 500k a year indexed for inflation. At ten times the average wage that’s 10 people forever fully waged working for ‘the environment’
    or ‘pick a good cause’. Now this is (me) a person who thinks ‘man, I should be caring or doing more for the environment’. Now property investing (fast forwarding a bit here) has given me or will give me when I die, the chance to leave a legacy to the world. I mean how cool is that. Or maybe I will buy some really expensive city real estate for 5 mill and say ‘this is a park’. for ever.

    or, or…who knows. But is that not MINDBLOWING to have come from ‘if I don’t work I don’t get paid’ to ‘what should I leave my expected 5 mill legacy to?’ Damn straight.

    So I guess I realise now I have more power than I did. I had the power then, but didn’t realise it, so therefore i didn’t see it.

    Deep? And I have time to think about God. Funny!
    I was born into an Anglican family and so I was confirmed and the whole bit and sang in the choir so it’s not as if I had to see a burning bush and get saved, I was saved, but nowadays I have more time to Read, Think, Care, Contemplate.

    ” or had BOY troubles etc.”

    When someone’s light goes on (as I feel mine did) it does affect those around you. You can’t keep emotional attachments to people who don’t get how you are changed for the better.

    Happily this didn’t happen to me and my loved ones though dubious for a couple of years have seen it’s an amazing thing.

    “It couldn’t be one seminar, surely!!!”
    It was and it wasn’t. It was, because I got to be in a room where investing was the NORM. Everyone with a zillion properties once upon a time bought their first. Nobody in the room had inherited, that I met, they’d all made it ‘from nothing’ in one lifetime.

    Also there was a moment where Steve winds up and challenges everyone to do something. I had been picked out of the audience by ‘who knows which powers that be’ to be a guinea pig for Lauren Burns where she gets someone to karate chop a block of wood in two with their bare hands. No previous experience necessary. I am a piano player so I would have been probably more scared of doonging my hands as anyone, give or take the surgeon.

    but I did it. It was intense.

    So anyway at the wind-up when Steve looked around the room and said ‘I challenge you all to TAKE ACTION’ I thought – well what with the wood – I would. And so I decided it and then I did it and then it worked.

    So yeah it was the seminar that was a big part of that for me.

    hope this explains

    if you still need more, I bang on about myself and property investing most convincingly, along with 4 much more intelligent and fun investing compadres, all who have way much more money than me on a CD available at

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    Good for you Mini.

    Having read your posts for a while and actually spoke to some time ago, I say you really deserve it.

    Go get em’

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    Hi Mini,

    You are an awesome multi-talented lady who’s attitude has got you everywhere. When people say “IT CAN’T BE DONE”, you turn around and “JUST DO IT” anyway!

    You have a true passion for music, property, and generally life, and I truly admire you.

    ATTITUDE is 98 and 3/4 percent of your success!
    If you were a dog (which you aren’t)[blush2]…. you would be a bull terrier – one which keeps on biting until the job is done, and then you’d bite a bit more!

    Del [biggrin]

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    G’day Mini,

    When I first started reading these kinds of websites(Somersoft),Steve McKnight was far and away the best poster. No could not touch him for his intellectual comments, as well as his down to earth approach to the subject in discussion.
    You knew he could and would go far.
    Steve was a winner.

    He dropped off Somersoft as I did later on.
    I ignored the internet for a couple of years.Then I stumbled accross Property site.
    Immediately I saw Minimogul’s posts everywhere.
    In my opinion,then and now,you are another Steve.
    You would make it! It was so obvious.

    I congratulate you on your well deserved success.
    May you triple your successes.

    I don’t know about this greening the world rubbish. The environment certainly needs some care Mini,from everyone. For everyone to do their BIT.
    But not for you to do everyones’ BIT.

    My karma is that I never refuse a request from a charity.Every letter asking for a donation always gets one. Not having your talent, this is my way of doing my BIT. And I’m never stingy.

    Keep going Mini, don’t stop while you’re have fun.
    Again, well done and keep smiling.

    bruham- bbruham.

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    Do a Steve McKnight. Write a book.
    Those Cds only reach people on this website.

    Write a book,and all Aussie sees it. Hopefully they’ll also buy it and read it.

    I’m sure Steve will asist you if need be.

    Write it as a workshop manual.
    Step one, step two. etc.
    At the end of the book,print the most commonly asked questions over the last five years(or what ever you fancy).
    Next to their questions write your answers. Then write the possible result of that action. Good bad or indifferent.

    Anyway Mini you don’t need me to tell you anything. You’re way ahead of me.
    May you roll in riches.


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    Hi bb, del, maximus,

    thanks for your kind words, haha, bb- well haven’t we come a long way from the shi$#%tfights we used to have! Well if any of Steve-style has rubbed off, it is because he has been my mentor for years. i have been to that seminar over and over again (it changes slightly every time of course to reflect the strategies needed for the market at that time) – the second time, a year later, it was to take my Dad cause he’s an accountant and I wanted him to see it straight from the horses’ mouth so to speak. the third time was a year after that when I was desperate to be part of the Map and you had to go to the seminar to be picked. I didn’t end up putting my form in for the MAP because I knew I couldn’t commit to it.

    And I went some more times too, once as Steve’s guest (I had done some music for one of his products) and then there were the book launches, where I tried to make myself useful by doing things like finding a restaurant which could take ten people at ten p.m. on a monday night and which was suitably amazing!

    so to cut a long story short I have been able to get to know Steve a bit and also some of his inner circle and some of the MAPpers so being around people who were/are much bigger investors than I am was very inspiring. Now I’m doing the sort of deals that I heard these people talk of 2 years ago and I wouldn’t have thought I would be doing those kind of deals now myself. not this fast.

    I made some mistakes early on which was not using leverage. If I had done that I could have made 106 percent capital gains in 2 years on 15 properties bought on an 80 percent LVR not 3 properties bought with cash. Sure, I’m leveraged now but I’m only just starting. If I employ leverage from now on with my purchases I expect to be able to keep on buying indefinitely, as fast as I can find good deals. Even that is easier these days as I have about 5 people pitching me deals because they know they will get paid when they find a good one, either by me or my business partner or by one of our clients.

    anyway blah blah – if it’s a pis$&%&ing contest, I’d so lose because there are people who own one property in Sydney with more net worth than me.

    But where my numbers are off the scale is ‘most improved’. Like I reckon my annual income these days before tax this year would be about hmmmm 20 times what it was 3 years ago.

    Haha, so time to tell the ATO I am no longer going to be an Australian resident for tax purposes and go domicile myself in a country with certain tax haven benefits, that would be NZ, which also happens to have really good deals and great ski conditions. D-day June 27th

    Good bye ATO and thanks for coming

    I’ll still be here though of course!

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