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    Jhopper is that a joke? I dont get it?[blush2]

    Scremin, actually my husband gets very well paid compared to other cabinet makers, the reason he told me he was a pilot is that he was sick of women saying “Is that all?” whenever he told them what he did for a living!

    He asked me to marry him 8 months after we met. It was a whirlwind romance that still hasn’t ended…..[inlove][inlove]


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    Sorry Trisha, yes it is a joke. That was a scene from the movie “Top Gun” when the Tom Cruise (a pilot)sings that song in a nightclub to Kelly McGillis (the girl he has his eye on) to get her attention.

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    Im on the rockiest road with everything latey as it seems. My first husband I thought and still think is my soul mate.. we were together for 6.5 years and married for about 18months, he was my best friend and then one day came home and told me that well he bats for the other team…. course you could imagine my facial expression [blink] …and believe me that stunned look stayed on my face for about 3 days after he told me.. infact I think I wax stunned and stood in the same pose with the same look on my face for those 3 days also. It was a messy break, but nothing was going to stop me from getting to where i wanted to be.. so 7 years later and alot of heart aches and inconsistent happiness here I am… in love trouble again *dies* yes I met my current husband and love for the past 5 years on a blind date. we have been together for 5 years and married for almost 2 years….NOTE i said ALMOST 2 years… anyway again im in limbo unsure of where to go or what to do, with 3 properties under my belt now and gritting my teeth and hoping i can hang in here for the long haul, i dont want to have to start all over again but DAMN IT im not affraid of starting over again. SO i guess I’ll give it a good bash with him and what will be will be….who knows where I’ll end up. My biggest worry is, Im 30 with no children and due to the having children factor being a problem my time is running out! not that that is my biggest worry, who needs children when i have 4 cats and 2 dogs and of course my favourite HOUSES!!!!!!

    In a NUT SHELL… I am a NUT… but driven there not by choice *smiles*

    I’m Glad im part of a big group of invester Nuts now! I feel like Im home when I’m here! GOD I could sit here and talk Property and learn investing all day everyday!

    now you know a bit about me… SCAREY HUH!!!

    Think big and success is yours always!

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    Ah, the memories.
    When I was young and stupid (or at least less so than now) I took a little overdose. My neighbour over the road sent her lodger over to look after me and my 3 yr old son.

    He was just cute. Ended up together for 2.5 years but we were both too young and in his case the 70’s scene was more fun.

    After both having other unsuccessful marriages, we met again 10 years later. It was just the same, we were obviously meant to be together.

    That was in 1990, emigrated to Oz from UK in 1992. Still together and loving it (no marriage though, wouldn’t make any difference).

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    I would like to start off by thanking the person who started this soon as my wife to be found out there was lovey-dovey-mushy-girlie stuff on this site, i had to fight to get my computer back!!!

    for what its worth we met at a nightclub, engaged 6 months later, 1st baby 4 months ago and getting married saturday week. Oh and to add some sort of property perspective to this reply, bought second property together last december so i suppose we have fitted a lot into the past 2 and a bit yrs.

    p.s the ‘pretty’ writing was her idea and i was to make it ‘pretty’ or it would b a nice nite at ‘Hotel De Couch’ for me [biggrin]

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    I bumped into him at a party that i didnt really want to go to. i sat down and we started talking and talking and talking, we then wandered off and kisses pasionatly (if not slightly drunkenly) we swaped numbers and i texted him that evening and we met up again that week .I then flew over saes for three months and he took it apon himself to fly to see me for new years. It was fantastic. i beleive for a lastly healthy passionate relationship there needs to be honesty(complete honesty) for example we decided to alk about what we expected and wanted out of our relationship, there also need to be respect and a deep sense of caring :)


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    [guitar]We met in pub after midnight, hit if off, three weeks later were living together and 9 years on, the relationship just keeps on getting/staying great. Sounds like we are not the only lucky ones!! Cherish what you have!![drummer]

    Yasna & Simon

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