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    I need a clever finance providor or system to sell a 34 sq/ m unit.
    Banks are telling my prospective buyers who want my unit to go buy a bigger one and then they will get their loan.
    Surely there is a lender out there who won’t need to get stuck on such a stupid rule .the property has proven itself already to be a good investment and several agents all agree it is worth what we are asking.
    Does anyone know the pitfalls of doing part vendor finance as this is one option I am considering .I am in WA and not set up to do wraps (maybe a future option)
    Please Give me any sound strategies for selling.

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    Why sell it if it is a good investment? SOme of us look for good investments to keep long term.



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    You need to apply for a Credit Providers Licence to do vendor finance in WA.
    Check out DOCEP website, all instructions and forms are avail online.


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    Unless the unit is the person’s principal place of resident then they can provide vendor finance without a license.

    However if they are in the business of vendor financing and selling places in a business like manner then contact the Department of Consumer and Employee protection to verify it would be ok to sell the PPOR.

    Do some research – find out if there are any no-doc loans etc that would lend – find out the LVR and consider providing vendor finance for the difference between your asking price and the loan’s LVR.


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    Is it a studio/bedsit or is does it have a separate bedroom? If a studio it is possible to get finance if it is under 35sqm. I am assuming it is inner city.
    If you want to sell by vendor finance or lease option can you please send me the details to my email address.

    [email protected]

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    You could steer your prospective clients to Wide Bay Capricorn Buidling society and also St George. I beleive both will finance small places like yours.

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