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  • I replied to this with more detail, but it seems to have disappeared.Maybe I was dreamin' ???

  • Well as far as I am concerned they do exist. Its no myth, just rare and hard to come by.Having said that, we specifically target such properties and so do my fellow investors, as part of a balanced portfolio, as well as to offset the 'supposed' high CG but negative geared properties in the portfolio.Of course they're not in city areas ( unless you…[Read more]

  • Bugger!
    Missed my chance last week during the land ballot in Karratha.

    Never mind……

    It looks like some of the topics you are targetting are a bit sensationalistic, which is unfortunate.
    Distressed sellers, negative equity, etc…
    Is this what the viewing audience wants to see ?

    Its a pity that there isn’t a more educational property program…[Read more]

  • Had the same woes with TCL split system in a rental property.
    Bought off Retravision, but they just refer you to the TCL helpline.
    Service agent is based in Melbourne, air cond is in WA, and same thing….they refer it to a local service agent who has not called yet.

    5 yr warranty, but it might expire before they come out !


  • I can’t comment on whether you should sell and cut your losses…but I swear by mining towns.

    Have been investing in Karratha WA as well as Mt Isa Qld for the last couple of yrs now.

    Both areas are going through massive expansion and both are major regional centres. Both have extensive govt. services and infrastructure and service the outluing…[Read more]

  • Loved the story!!
    He was an economist not a real estate guy from memory.
    They’re ‘smarter’ btw ( always predict thigs correctly right?)

    Perth is special coz its not Sydney.
    The economis of the two states are competely different ( read basket case running annual defecits vs strong export driven running surpluses)

    His summation that Sydney went…[Read more]

  • Lease To Own, where you buy a property and lease it to a tenant with an option to buy. You structure the repayments so that the tenant buyer pays rent as well as an ongoing option fee towards the purchase of the property. This totals to a greater amount than the repayments you pay on the underline mortgage hence the cashflow is positive. If the…[Read more]

  • kp replied to the topic I have a problem in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 2 months ago

    If its a villa in a group of 7 then it sound like its a strata titled property.
    If this is the case there should be a body corporate that is responsible for the building and has insurance in place to cover it.

    Check with the body corp first, or else as Terry has suggested, you need to contact the builder.

    Sounds prety serious though.


  • kp replied to the topic Fiji Property in the forum Overseas Deals 15 years, 2 months ago

    Hey speight ( george!!)

    My understanding is that this proposed subdivision is just behind the town as was part of the Ross Estate.

    I know one of the developers in Brisbane.

    Try this link:

    a bit clunky as a site but has a bit of info on it.


  • It appears that you are taking a passive role in the whole process.
    Its important for you to get active and be proactive. After all, its your property.. You need to take charge of whats going on.

    If you signed a sales agreement with the agent/s it will have a date or timeframe for the listing.
    If its open ended, then it will also have a clause…[Read more]

  • kp replied to the topic Fiji Property in the forum Overseas Deals 15 years, 2 months ago

    Hey Luke,
    As a local, what can you tell me about Nausori, and the prospect for rentals for expats such as embassey staff, etc. ?

    I understad there is a new bridge and roadworks in the area to improve access to the airport.

    Interested to get an insiders perspective


  • kp replied to the topic Fiji Property in the forum Overseas Deals 15 years, 2 months ago

    Originally posted by Batch:

    Come on in the water’s fine…. ;-)


    So where the bl00dy hell are you ???

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I also have a keen interest in Fiji as I am doing some due dill on some land in Nausori, near the airport, for a gated expat community.
    Rents are supposedly pretty good at around $3000 to $5000 $F per…[Read more]

  • I think you would be battling to find cashflow pos properties in urban areas unless you target commercial properties, or really run down resi places that you can buy at close to land value then add value by doing a quick reno.

    I specifically target new property in regional areas that are growing, so by default this would be mining areas.
    Target…[Read more]

  • More interesting and informed stuff from both gmh and KB..

    Thanks you guys.

    I think its already peaked and taking a breather. What happens next is the interesting thing.
    Does it stall and correct, or continue up for a bit longer, or just level off and stay sustained.

    I think it will level off with moderate ( below 5%) growth for a couple more…[Read more]

  • kp replied to the topic Brick Cladding in the forum Value Adding 15 years, 2 months ago

    There is an alternative to the brick veneer or even the blueboard with render.

    There is a product called a smart brick that is manufacture by Aus Brick .
    It is a half brick with a slot along the bottom edge.
    It gets fitted to a steel rail that you attach to the timber frame ( after removing the boards) and then you fill the gaps in between with…[Read more]

  • kp replied to the topic Owner/Builder in the forum Value Adding 15 years, 2 months ago

    Awesome result for Singleton !!

    I was banking on $495k

    I have a valuer ( HTW) doing mine this week, hope he doesn’t knock it down too low because they are not quite completed…
    CURSE those slow builders !!!!!


  • Must depend on what circles you mix in then zen,

    I know plenty of people who are still buying, but they are not financially challenged by the current interest rate rises.

    A far as I am concerned, money is still cheap ( I recall as gmh pointed out, when rates were at 17% and beyond) so I am happy to keep borrowing at current rates.

    This…[Read more]

  • Ummmm….. just north of Brisbane ??? anywhere along the Sunshine Coast ?
    And how much is the asking price.

    Also, have you had ANY response of feedback from both your own adverts as well as from the listing agents?

    ie… feedback is usually in the form of objections. If you can over come these objections then there is no reason why it doesn’t…[Read more]

  • kp replied to the topic Owner/Builder in the forum No Subject 15 years, 2 months ago

    Hi marisa,
    Have you considered doing it ‘cost plus’ ??

    I have heard of a few builders in Perth who operate exclusively this way.
    Pretty much they seem to be cost plus 15% but that would depend on what you negotiate.

    We were offered this on some Qld development, and the builder indicated that he felt we would save 15% doing it this way compared…[Read more]

  • There must be a reason why its not selling !!

    Can you provide more details ?
    Where is it, how big, is it urban or rural, or rural residential?
    Price range ?

    It sounds like its open listed with a few agents and yourself trying to sell it at the same time.
    Most agents will not put too much time into such a listing as they stand to miss out on a…[Read more]

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