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    Earlier today I was chatting to a friend about the nature of people.

    I made mention that of all the people I’ve come across, 99% of them are all about ‘me’ and ‘take take take’.

    On the other hand there is about 1% of people I meet, through this forum and at events, that have a focus that is on other people and adopt an attitude of ‘give give give’.

    Which camp are you in for the majority of your life? The givers or the takers?

    Thank you to all the people that take the time out of their busy lives to answer posts and to help others. I am greatly encouraged by your input.

    It’s taken a awhile for me to realise this, but abundance has nothing to do with physical wealth, rather it’s a state of mind and shows through with the way you deal with people.

    Have an outstanding day,

    Steve McKnight

    Remember that success comes from doing things differently.

    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

    Success comes from doing things differently

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    Thanks Steve for exampling the abundance theory to all of us.
    I am also amazed at how much time and energy people put into the forum and how they help others. I hope that never changes. I also want to thank everyone as I am learning whenever I read a post. The information may not always be new but the attitude of giving often is. Once again thanks Steve and the Team.

    AD [:0)]

    “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

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    Here Here. In fact I’m not only learning from other peoples posts, but also learning from my own posts when trying to help others, as in doing so, I am refining my own thoughts on such matters, by having to think about the issues involved. So to me we gain both ways. We win when we receive and we win when we give. Though the 99% rule concerns me a little. [:O]

    [}:)] Ooooooohhh I’m wicked and im laaaazzzyyy

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    I am only new, and somewhat unknowledgable about this – primarily because I’m lazy in the fact that research while enjoyable isn’t sometimes the greatest of moments. I am struggling to understand but I’m getting there.

    I always will believe the phrase ‘what goes around, comes around’. If you are willing to help someone, often the favour is returned, without you even acknowledging it.

    Just a thought……

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    Hi Steve

    For me abundance comes from the spiritual wealth that fulfills my life. This is not a tangible thing. I think people genuinely know when they are helping others sincerely and you also know when you’re not!!!!

    hope this makes sense????

    Take care
    Dave [:)]

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    I am the owner and moderator of a group that focusses on selling (and buying) at online auction. All members are women with children and it is an amazingly generous and supportive group. I wondered if it was because we are women that it is more in our nature [:X] to help each other but obviously the same generosity can be found amongst people from the other side of the gender divide too [:0)]

    I truly belive that what goes around comes around and generosity will always repay in kind. I only found this forum 2 days ago and I am very impressed by its level of activity and helpfulness.


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    The abundance concept is so much common sense, yet so difficult for many people (including me sometimes) to embrace. It’s easy to think “I’ll be generous and giving, if you go first”

    Tony Robbins talks about it in “Unlimited Power” (it’s the most important of his five keys to wealth and happiness) and he gives an example of planting seeds in order to get a plant. You can’t expect to get a flower without first planting and nurturing a seed. “Hey dirt, give me a plant!” just won’t work.

    But the best and clearest example of abundance I have come across is from “The One Minute Millionaire” by Robert Allen. He talks about becoming an “Enlightened Millionaire”, someone who becomes succesful through helping others… pulling them up with you as you achieve your own goals, having a positive impact on the world around you, rather than stepping on top of people in order to get there.

    After all – if you are in this for yourself, you’ll never really be a success. It will be very lonely when you get to the top. But it will be a great party if you get there with heaps of friends you’ve brought with you[:)]

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    I came across the abundance theory (or something similiar) about 18 months ago and made a conscious shift in the way I viewed things, reacted to situations and treated other people. I’ve always been a person to help others and treat them as you’d expect in return. However, over the last few weeks I’ve met several people that have challenged my view on things even further. These people were certainly the 1% out there, in my opinion maybe even the 0.01%! It goes to show, you should always be looking at ways to improve yourself not only financially but as a person.

    “If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars”
    J. Paul Getty

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    this thread rocks
    you guys all rock.
    my thoughts on abundance…and what a brilliant concept…
    my main thought is…

    If everyone lives in service to others instead of service to self, then the world would have no more problems, ever!


    another fave saying is…

    two men look out a window. one sees mud, and one sees stars.

    i think the giving people on this forum are showing the world how to be giving, by being living examples. you are appreciated. you make it nice here.

    *in a warm fuzzy moment ’round midnight on a monday*

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    I’m rather new but notice this is more than a property investment forum. I’m trying to catch up by reading old entries & I’ve found good info & many nice & helpful people here. For the rest of the group I think you are nice as well & hope we can communicate more when we have time & not too shy.

    Sorry, at this stage I only ask questions but can’t offer answers because I don’t know much about Property Investment. However with my 30+ years experience in raising children I could contribute heaps & learn more at the same time if the name of this forum is changed to [:)].

    Last week when making winter clothes for my grandchildren I made some for Sooshie’s boys as well but haven’t got a chance to ask for her address. I hope she is having a good holiday.



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    To quote ‘The Millionaire Mind’, ‘Me Me Me is Boring Boring Boring!’


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    To correct he previous – it’s ‘Dull Dull Dull’, not ‘Boring Boring Boring’! But the idea’s the same.


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    Hi Steve

    That sounds a little melancholy, it sounds like you need an injection of the 1% variety, I think you give so much that sometimes you don’t receive enough. I hope you and Dave know and appreciate the gratitude I have for you both.

    I would like to add a little more to David C comments. I think people think they are the 1%, and contributing to the forum is only a mere contribution in the 1% catagory. I read comments, from people that have posted to this thread, in other threads that show people are in for the quick cash out or top dollar and then say they are givers, I don’t think so.

    Think about your true self then decide what % you are.

    Leigh K[:D]

    Read, learn, grow but most of all just do it.

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    I just bought bought Anthony Robbins CD packed “Get the Edge” and found it very interest especially regarding how to live your live to fulfillment and passion.

    Sometime people take it so hard on their life and when look back what they try to achieve, found that they have not set up there goals yet.

    I believe you should live your live to it full potential. First you give, give, give and once you give so much eventhoughly there will be something that will get to you.

    $ $ $ $$ $ $ $
    $ One problem solved! $
    $ Next problem arrive! $
    $ $ $ $$ $ $ $

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    Wow, 99% of people are “me, me, me” and are about “take, take, take”.

    That is a cynical view if ever I’ve seen one.

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    Hi all,
    Property investing is very much a people driven activity. One transaction relies on the interaction and coordination of many people.Indeed, once the sale is made the buyer and seller in a sense become mere observers of a complex set of arrangements that culminate at settlement.
    It is only recently that I realised that deep down I enjoy the process as much as any profits I make along the way.
    Recently I purchased a couple of properties in country Victoria.I spent a week travelling while researching and found that in most cases the local REA had been in the job long term and saw themeselves as an integral part of the community providing a valued service and not just there for the quick buck.In just about every case it was a pleasure to spend time with them and listen to their wealth of knowledge of their own market.
    I actually bought one property on a handshake because the local solicitor was on holidays and the section 32 had not been done.
    I know i am rambling here but my country trip just reminded me that you can still do buisness where integrity and a win for both sides in a deal are the main issue.

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    [:)]”Always look on the bright side of life!”
    Life really is too short, so dwell on what is important and happy.
    Working with small children is probably one of the most rewarding vocations – they are always giving. When one of them discovers something, even so small, for the first time (has a “eureka” moment), I know I’m blessed to have been a part of it.
    Steve, you have this to look forward to – enjoy life.

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    Most people aren’t anywhere near as bad as the doom sayers seem to think. I could say that 9 out of 10 people are ok and generally honest and giving in one way or another.

    It’s all a matter of degrees and throwing around numbers and percentages doesn’t mean much to me. If only 1% of the population was “decent” the world would be completely screwed. Attaching numbers to subjective qualitative assesments can create missleading impressions.

    In any event you cant judge people simply through this forum alone., that’s simplistic and narrow minded.

    I understand this forum to be about discussing ways to maximize property investment performance through the exchange of views on the subject. After all most IPs are cash negative, thus we all are looking to get the edge so we can succeed in IP. Nothing wrong with that.

    Outside of this forum is life, about which few of us really know about what’s going on in each others lives.

    The forum is just an electronic message board to exchange ideas on property investment, rather than a court room in which others are judged by fellow forumites, who seem to like pointing the finger and exulting themselves, by criticising others. That’s high and mighty and nobody is that perfect. Neither do I see it as a counseling session or a dormitory of morality, or a soap box for expounding ones philosophy on the meaning of giving and generosity.

    It’s a Property Investment Forum
    It’s a Property Investment Forum
    It’s a Property Investment Forum

    Make it so !


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    Hi Guys,

    I used to believe that people predominantly had good intentions, and most were giving. My parents were both heavily involed in a major service organisation(and still are), and I thought all people were like them! As I grew up people went out of thier way to prove me wrong! I started to see that many of the people in that organisation were in it for thier own gratification, getting recognition for thier deeds, was more important than the deed itself. Many of my friends were friends because of what I could offer. As a result I became a little disillusioned with society and it’s values.

    I have recently realised why my parents give so much, to the point of sacrificing income to serve!…..
    It gives them immense satisfaction to see that they have made someones day, unconditionally!
    I strongly believe in karma. Now I see thier yaers of dedication being repayed. Mum now gets paid extremely well to give, and Dad has a group of peers who go out of thier way to help all of us!

    I don’t claim to be in that 1% but I aspire to be!
    I also feel that most people on this forum are much closer to the giving end than the taking end of the scale!

    Compared to other investing forums I’ve visited, the atmosphere here is amazing! You all derseve to be congratulated for the support that you give each other! (sorry I’m getting sentimental[:I])

    Thanks to everyone who gives selflessly on this forum (even those who are new and only ask questions), lets proove those stats wrong![8D]


    Scott S

    P.S. A special thanks to AD for giving up his time to help me through a bit of a crisis, tonight. I hope he realises how much it helped![:D]

    “Aim for the stars and you’ll shoot the top of the telegraph pole. Aim for the top of the telegraph pole and you’ll shoot yourself in the foot!”

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    Hi All

    I would like to put in my two bob’s worth on the topic.

    I believe that you are more blessed to give than you are to receive.

    Steve and his team have done extremely well to create an environment here on the forum that helps you to grow as an investor.

    This site gives away more information than any other investor website I have found. So I say a big THANK YOU to everyone involved in the forum.

    Keep up the good work and never get tired in doing good!


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