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  • Nu Zulland will always be the poor sister to Australia ,until it reverts to being part of NSW as it was in the past, Auckland is being overdeveloped in the cbd ,and dont rely on asian students as they abandon their units as soon as uni is finished and your unit is empty for three months,Auckland cbd units are butter boxes and most aussie…[Read more]

  • the cronulla crowd and aussies in general regardless of where they come from are generally not racist,the public in general have put up with the minority smart arse young muslim lebanese and other arabic backgrounds for more than 10 years, they have know been shown that we wont put up with their crap any longer ,isnt it amazing how quiet they are…[Read more]

  • hi steve
    my advice to any aussie thinking of investing in new zealand is (1) check the facts on capital gains tax etc speak to a property smart accountant here and also in nz (2)auckland units are butter boxes ,i even found a 40 sq mtr 4 bed unit (3) talk to agents who are resellers not the developers or their agents ,the honest ones will tell you…[Read more]

  • Hi Dazzling grt topic ,its good making the bucks ,but lifes to short and man and ladies must have fun, well after that we must have some toys my d/driver is a 2005 red 360 ferr,oh s..t,dreaming again ,is a 05 hyundai tucson and yes would recommend one ,next is a 05 VW jumbo transporter, wish i had it when i was the local stud at haberfield,oh…[Read more]

  • Hi Dazzling grt topic ,its good making the bucks ,but lifes to short and man and ladies must have fun, so after my little fact finding missions to bangla road in phuket, studying nice well rounded figures ,dollar figures that is ,some strange ladies over there ,they have adams apples?[blush2]well after that we must have some toys my d/driver is a…[Read more]

  • to all the knockers, endre dobozy and his wife kayleen are a young couple in there early thirties, are close friends of ed and kath burton who believe it or not are gods people if you move in circles of self made success you quite often find people who become quite relious ,it is quite common in the very successful amway corp worldwide and no its…[Read more]

  • i have just read all the ed burton wingers, i have been to a couple of eds seminars and was a gold member for a year ,there was heaps of info it was up to you to learn and move on ,not be held by the hand through all the minefields.lets face it 85% plus who go to the seminars are lookers and seminar junkies,look forever and never act and are quick…[Read more]


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