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  • I would not take the risk.  You have a valuable investment that could get eaten.  You know they are in the area, you know they eat houses, you know that your house is at risk.  You know what you need to do………

    Removing the tree only removed a food source.  A building inspector told me that termites can travel upto 50m from their nest to food…[Read more]

  • We put vinyl planks throughout an IP.  Used in all areas except bedrooms (carpet) and bathroom (tiles).

    It is fantastic.  I know it will not last as long as tiles, but the benefits are worth it IMO……..
    Cheaper purchase price
    Cheaper to install – was able to DIY
    Quicker to install (time is money with an empty IP)
    Greater depreciation…[Read more]

  • No- don't deduct the deposit again.  The $35,000 formed part of the original $700,000 purchase price, which was taken into consideration in JacM's calculations above.

  • I had the same contemplation.

    I decided that there is no way I am selling IP.  I have 2 choices…………..

    1 – downgrade expectations on new PPOR
    2 – wait till I can afford it later. 

    I have chosen option 2.  The way I can achieve the goal is by manufacturing some equity.  To do this I am going to buy 2 more IP's that are undervalued,…[Read more]

  • Perhaps it is my lack of forum experience, but I got confused after I typed up my first post.

    I saw the "SAVE" button, but did not think it was the "POST" button.  So I hit the big orange button above that says "POST REPLY", then found I had lost all my typing and had to start again.

    The SAVE button is confusing.
    I am used to a "submit" post…

  • My conveyancer ordered a meter reading for water usage, and did a search for unpaid water bills.

    Then I got my first rates notice as new owner and found I was invoiced for a previous quarters consumption too.

    I called local council who advised that it is now my bill and that they don't chase previous owners.

    I emailed conveyancer and it was…[Read more]

  • ShellT replied to the topic Claim renovating tools in the forum Value Adding 9 years ago

    I am not a solicitor and dont work for insurance company, so this is my opinion only – not specific advise – but I would not take the above advise about insurance.  In my opinion, you need to have insurance in place from date contracts are exchanged.  What would you do if house burnt down the day before settlement, and the seller had no i…[Read more]

  • ShellT replied to the topic Mortgage Broker in the forum Help Needed! 9 years ago

    There are a few regular posters here that will be able to assist you.I have dealt with and referred Richard Taylor and can tell you that he knows his stuff. [email protected] Tel: 07 3720 1888.You do not need a local mortgage broker south of the river.  Everything Richard did for me was via email, and post.

  • Flea2575 wrote:
    Steve's Cert IV course also appears very comprehensive. The only downside being that it is online with no apparent interaction with other investors/trainers to confirm if what I am learning and implementing is correct. I assume you can start this course at any time?Many thanks for your comments and for a very informative…[Read more]


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