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  • Just in reply to this comment:

    Telegraphic transfers are of course good for large sums but you have to go into the bank and do that, and it takes a few days. you wouldn’t want to be doing that every day, it’s a bit of a pain!
    I haven’t yet found an internet way of doing international funds transfers apart from PayPal credit card kind of…[Read more]

  • I have just done a mortgage course, our company does %100 lend:-

    Must haves:-

    Been employed in the same job for 2 years
    Have 3% genuine savings (savings pattern)

    Only up to 300k

    if you would like to know more here is my emial address [email protected] , it is my personal one so I will be happy to return any questions you have.


  • Im 21, no IPs as yet but next year I will have my first one.

  • quote:
    You all seem extremely young (my husband and I are on the wrong side of 50). We’ve bought and sold houses over the years (usually because of transfers) and have only really gone into property investment this year. We’ve probably reached our limit with 4 units, a duplex, a house, a small mango farm, a 5 acre block plus our PPOR – all in…

    [Read more]

  • just a quick question, so if you use the money that you remortage from in any other way other than to rienvest, you pay tax on it?

    Because a guy I used to know pulled out some money and would go on holidays with it and things can you buy do-dads without paying tax on the money ?[?]


  • g00dman replied to the topic NZ suburbs in the forum The Treasure Chest 17 years ago

    I am only new to the investing fourm, but I have been looking at property in palmerston north as my brother lives down there and I Have been there myself.

    the property’s down there still cost around the 100k plus region and are nice enough to be positivley geared(?) I think the rent that way is about 200 a week..?

  • g00dman replied to the topic Another NZ question! in the forum No Subject 17 years ago

    I am only new to this game but I am very interested in finding out anthying I can about investing. Are wrap deals legal in NZ i have heard that they are not … appraicate any comments

    cheers [?]


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