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  • I forgot to mention the shifting soil in Texas.Had to have 7 drilled piers at front of the house only 12 months  after buying due to shifting soil/temperature fluctuations.etc.these cost me $4000 which again can screw with your plans of extra cashflow left over……….and no there is no insurance for foundation repair and Yes had a building…[Read more]

  • hi Mal,From what i'm trying to forget i'll mention a few.1. Property management in the states has little to be desired.most charge 10% plus fee for as Richard mentioned is harder to get now then ever before.2 years ago  you could go to 70 to 80% LVR at resonable int rates but now imagine would be much rates if y…[Read more]

  • Hi Tess,Also down the track a good broker can help structure your investment loans so you don't end up in a knot.A single Bank will try and xcoll all your loans and can be a nightmare to undo.Not only that  but with a broker you usually get to deal with the same person .I email my broker at all times night and day……………Sorry Ri…[Read more]

  • hi Rich,Yes we are very happy with our EFM loan to date.I think in the current market and years of possible flat growth  will suit this type of loan.suits us in our situation with the wife off work  on maternity leave and only I the bread winner.We intend to refinance in a few years when the market turns around a bit.No doubt you will see more a…[Read more]

  • hi Donna,Maybe you can tell us all about your successful deals in the US.a lot of people got into trouble buying  over inflated property in New york State.Like to hear a bit more in your 2nd post.cheers

  • Hi there,We are in the process of doing same thing.Our tiler has told us to grind the shine off the tops of tiles so better will need a Diamond grinding blade.You can order them on Ebay.It's a pretty messy job but quick to do.Depends on your tile of course.cheers

  • flash replied to the topic Funds transfer from OS in the forum Finance 13 years, 1 month ago

    hi Elka,Yes have personally used Ozforex over the last 2 years  for various transfers  both ways.these were to and from  the US.The most i payed is $15 AUD for fees.I have used them over a dozen times with no hassles.Very proffesional.Cheers

  • Why?Were you intending to blow up all your US properties or something along the lines?Have I misunderstood?  LOL……Weapons of Mass Destruction   "WMD"They seen you coming!!!!

  • Hi Get Rich,Why not just go through Richard and save yourself the headache yourself.He maybe able to help you with how you structure the loan so ease for future investing,if thats what you want to do.You should be looking to getting it right from day 1.You would be lucky to get a mortgage choice  rep with an investment property.I know who i'd…[Read more]

  • World Changer,Fortunatly in San antonio they charge 6% commision for selling a house.20%    Oh my god.   ,Your house must be in Buffalo.Bardon you say burn $500, try burning $800 Aus paying your US mortgage while trying to sell your house whlle getting repairs above,We have got a contract on the house now so we are hoping everything sett…[Read more]

  • Hi Bardon,World Changer,Funny you should mention insurance,I didn't realise  until I found out a few months ago the difference in premium for a 85 000San antonio property.While tenanted is 515 yearor 2350 untenanted.Adding to the problem list is I have had to pay out approx $4000 for foundation repair,the insurance companies don't cover youfor…[Read more]

  • for me it isn't worth it either unless you are buying  5 plus properties.for repairs I always get them to send me photos and reciepts for everything.It will take you time to confidently trust your contacts.It is a complete different system over there from taxation to insurance to financeMake sure you have a plan in place and be prepared to lose y…[Read more]

  • Hi guy's,Yes we have had  a EFM since early february in which Richard set up  for us.In our situation the wife is off work on maternity leave and over the next few years will be only on my income.As people have said it's inportant to have some sort of goal with your exit strategy.As sonn as the wife goes back to work on full time wages we will r…[Read more]

  • Both Terry and Elka you are exactly right.checked with Julia of Ban Tacs accountants.Thanks for the replies

  • Try ban Tacs,julia hartman i think i recall.Havent used them myself but they have many international investors as clients.Have a look at their website.

  • why restrict yourself to just darwin in finding a Broker.communication via phone and email is all you need.why not give a broker like  QLD's007 ,Richard Taylor an email and see if he can help you out or try a few others here on the forum.cheers

  • flash replied to the topic RAMS Loan in the forum Finance 13 years, 9 months ago

    ring up Rams and ask them how much to pay out when refinancing,It will cost you I think around 2% for early payout.Can put a spanner in the works for future investing if you want to go to another financier.

  • flash replied to the topic Shared Equity Finance in the forum Finance 14 years ago

    Hi Seems alot of people shoot off at the mouth before thinking about this have got to make it work in your favour..for instance we are using it while my wife is having kid/kids and then refinance after 3 yearsYes agree not for everyone and doesn't fit our situation long term either but will work in a flat market also.

  • Hi Yossarian,

    Yes we will use this product while we have kids and then in say 3 to 4 years refinance to 95% paying out EFM etc.

    My wfe is the one with the largish income and while my income is not to bad figure we will be comfortable and have a good lifestyle with this loan

    I think if you can use this to your advantage then why not give it a…[Read more]

  • Give Richard a ring I’m sure he will be able to help out
    As far as experience goes and honesty you simply can’t go past him with all kinds of loans and structure for future borrowing.


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