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    Hello Everybody,

    Could anybody please help me/ inform me.

    When considering and engaging a broker:

    What kind of questions should I ask a broker to assess his suitability.

    Is there any kind of criteria I can use as well.

    Also, what kind of decisions do I need to make and what kind of questions do I need to ask myself before going and seeing a broker.

    A few quick facts to help your answers.

    My wife and I are wanting to start investing in property. I've already accumulated quite a library of investing literature, and am slowly attempting to educate myself on the topic. I've been researching as a hobby for the last few years. And we purchased our PPOR coming up to 2 years ago. We are both 23 and have a combined income of $100k per annum before tax., and currently have a $110k HomeNorth loan, with TIO.

    I have decided that the route to sourcing finance for our investments may be best done through a broker. This decision is mainly due to 1. my lack of experience with debt. and procuring loans 2. the large number of loan products that are available in the market.


    We have not decided on a property yet.

    I am not risk averse and will quite happily leverage on my PPOR

    Our investing strategy is not set in concrete, yet we both tend toward cash flow positive/ buy and hold strategy.

    Also, I am in Darwin and would prefer to use a local office, does anyone have any suggestions.

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    why restrict yourself to just darwin in finding a Broker.
    communication via phone and email is all you need.

    why not give a broker like  QLD's007 ,Richard Taylor an email and see if he can help you out or try a few others here on the forum.

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