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  • How did it go?
    I was getting interested when I read 28 July, paaaaaased already.

  • I know nothing of servos but would be concerned about the viability. The oil companies have a way of making tenants play ball & the money made is on extras eg milk, ice creams etc & car servicing.

    Can’t you go & ask some of the local servo owners. Make it clear you are looking elsewhere & will not be in competition. Caveat…[Read more]

  • I would go further & say no credit cards. Work out a budget with someone & write down every cent that they spend & add everything at the end of the month. That way they become aware of what they can cut out/reduce. By paying cash they become more aware of what they are spending.

    No friends or family should lend them money; this doesn’t help as…[Read more]

  • Thanks Simon,
    I’m just doing some homework. One problem with Mt Isa is that it is a small place so you don’t have much choice if you don’t like the property manager. We have had some really doozy PM’s in Brizzy. It took a few changes before we got that right.
    thanks again

  • Can someone tell me what the going rate is for property management in Mt Isa?

    Is the rate the same over Q’land? I am under the impression that the fees were controlled by the state government & have recently changed, though I don’t know in what way.

  • Hang in there if you can. We have been there, done that. Thankfully we didn’t sell.
    What about the rent? Currently rents are going up in Sydney due to landlords selling out, hence a shortage of rental properties.

  • I don’t want to blur the issue but I thought that if you bought a property & lived there then the interest & borrowing costs could no longer be tax deductable?
    Regarding a Studio, we have one in Brizzie, within walking distance to CBD. It is over the despised 50 sm. Everyone poopoo’s it but it is always let; has definitely gone up in value & has a…[Read more]

  • My experience has been that there is a stipulated amount above which they must ask you. As you say in an emergency things are different. I think that I would be expressing my displeasure & looking aroung for another PM if it happened again.
    I have to say we have had some shocking PM’s.


  • We have 2 properties insured through Terri Scheer & am about to insure Number 3. We receive a reduction on multiple properties.
    still learning


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