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    Hi everyone

    I am looking for your advice and hoping you can help me start my journey right as i having been reading listening news look at reports..etc  for the last 2 months and i am getting overwhelmed but still not going anywhere right now or and i can’t make a final call on state or region to buy  IP in!

    I am lock in final state to buy my first investment property max by Jan 2024 ( for my preapproval) where I  can ride the capital growth trend so i can leverage from the equity and be able to buy another one after 6 months of settling the first one.

    I can’t deny that I am a bit nervous and i am trying to make my absolute best in buying a quality property  in the right location when i enter the market , since it my first property purchase so it is going to be the foundation and the first block in my journey toward  getting out of the rat race.

    I came across a real estate agent who recommended I should be looking for a standalone house in Gladstone coastal city in Gladstone Region, Queensland instead of Perth as investment since it is more affordable and not overly heated atm t so I can ride the capital growth while house are still within $350K to $400K  price and in 6 to 8 moths time prices go up by $40k to 50K.

    Does anyone have thoughts on Gladstone and the agent’s recommendation ? or if there are other areas that i should consider?

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    Hi Eliana,

    Check out my answer in this topic you started – – I think you’ll find some interesting thoughts therein….


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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