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    Hi all,

    These Money Magnet podcasts have been accumulating since the release of Steve’s latest book of that name.    I’ve been keeping abreast of them over the last months, and (as happens) some podcast contents just “hit me between the eyes”.   You know, you’ve read all the good words, but hearing them on a podcast where two blokes are having some fun while imparting life’s treasures just seems to add a dimension that helps to drive a message home.

    This happened again this week with the newest podcast in the series.  It’s titled “You’ll never be rich if you don’t know this”.   The secret?  It’s all related to TIME, that most precious thing.  We all have the same amount of it, and, while most of us sell ours for a living, some people buy theirs back through investing.  Do visit the money magnet site to hear it for yourself.  You may need to Register, but it doesn’t cost to do so.

    And as always, these podcasts are sprinkled with aphorisms that delight and/or give pause to ponder.  One on this latest podcast went something like “Time is your friend until its your enemy”.   Wow !!   As a 77 year-old, I have a pretty good idea what Steve means with THAT one.  ;)   And there was a section where they discuss pocket money for kids and the things parents do (or don’t do) and this part was a real eye-opener to me.  Check it out.

    Anyway, I commend the Moneymagnet website and all its contents to you.   You can even download the first four chapters for free, so you can decide if you like the message before buying.  Find that under the “Book Bio” tab.

    Buying the book is a top idea as a gift for a youngster.  I like books, as you can highlight areas to help recall the words that mean the most to YOU.   And do sift through those podcasts.  There are currently around three dozen of them, each about 15 to 20 minutes in length.  The separate titles give an idea of content, so select those that relate.   If nothing else, DO check out the latest one mentioned above.   See if it impacts you as it did me.


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