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  • Justin McPhan
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    Just wondering if anyone has used Belouis Investment Group? If so can you please give me some feedback.



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    Hi Justin,

    I haven’t used them.  Didn’t know of them until today, but I took a look at their website since you asked the question. Here’s what I gleaned from the site

    It appears to me that they may only sell new homes, which is always a caution in my book.  Not always, but a common “hook” from some marketeers is to “sell” the Tax Benefits of a new property with large “Write-off” dollars available to help to minimise your Tax.   What is not mentioned is how buying in a new area can see no or low Capital Growth for several years.  Also, be sure you know what other similar developers are offering for similar properties.   All part of due diligence, but a slick Sales routine might have you rushed through the process, so always beware of that one.

    I noticed they were “giving away a car” which had my antennae tingling….  Why does a property developer offer a free car to one lucky user of their services?   Hmmm…….  Who pays for that?

    Re-iterating though, I don’t know of them – just a general warning to look for certain signs to be sure the firm you choose appears to be one of the good guys.  :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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