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    Hi all,

    I’m in the process of building my “dream team” of contacts and am completely stuck on finding an accountant that understands the ins and outs of using trusts to advance in property investing (mainly, increasing borrowing capacity) and is able to communicate concepts and strategies as well as help with questions and queries along the way. I have found so far that many of them are not willing to take the time to break things down for someone like me who is learning but also wants to understand the process along the way.

    Does anyone know of any good, reliable accountants who have the capacity for more clients? Or know of any reliable sourcing techniques for a good accountant?



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    Why an accountant? Trusts are legal relationships so you are best off with a solicitor to explain, but if you are after advice on borrowing capacity they will need a credit licence as well so you would need a broker for this.

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    hello feel free to reach out to me to discuss ‭0484 536 032‬

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    Hi, have you watched this channel on youtube. He has many good video on trust setup. Wilf


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