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    Hi, we are looking to buy a family hone on the sunshine coast qld,

    i keep hearing mixed answers whether to buy now or wait due to rate increases, world events etc.

    There is still high demand in area, so unsure as to whether prices would actually fall over the next year or 2 like “experts” predict.

    Wondering peoples thoughts who know alot more about the economy situation than myself ?


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    Hello Tommy,

    My personal opinion is that there will always be conflict about these topics. Some people act like they know how the market will act for sure, others just like to talk. None of us have predicted Covid, or the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the list goes on. If the area is high demand, it is very likely that prices will keep going up. And I never heard anyone being upset with their property investment, in the long run you always win.

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    Its always a good time to buy a good deal, just need to find them.

    Everything is generally pretty hot right now. I’m not buying as I feel things will cool off with rising interest rates and mortgage stress. I’m looking at the possibilities of a global recession though and seeing what deals that brings.

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    Its very hard to time the market. I think a deal is a deal no matter what is happening on the market. As long as you aren’t banking on appreciation in the short term or something market related to happen for your deal to work then you will do fine. You know what they say, don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait

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