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  • freedg420
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    Hello all,

    this is a pretty straight forward question for the experienced people on here…

    After researching, I intend to change my investment property loan from repayment to interest only, I am just wondering can anybody advise on the criteria for which this is approved or denied?

    I would like to think this is a relatively straightforward ask but I know that it’s based on loan review or assessment. I would like to get this information straight before I apply, I have a ppr and an investment property both on repayment, I plan to re mortgage the ppr soon after I complete my renovations. Also self employed.

    thanks in advance, แทงบอลพรีเมียร์ลีก

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    Generally a full application again as servicing is more stringent.

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    Pre royal commission this was a relatively easy fix, now, as @terryw has already stated it will require a full application to assess serviceability under the new repayment schedule. Being self-employed, depending on your scenario can also complicate matters.

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