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  • Dominique Durand
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    I am not new to investing but new to trying to purchase a property with superannuation, is there anyone whom can direct me in the right direction i don’t have much super but would there be some strategies i could try?

    Thanks in advance

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    someone would generally need an AFSL or be an authorised rep to advise. Best to see a financial planner.

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    You will also need to consider that in todays environment that there is a limited pool of banks willing to lend in this space.  As a result, it comes with a high interest rate (I’ve seen 1 bank at 6%) and a much higher loan to value ratio.


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    Hey Dominique,
    Yes, Advisers setup, you need to ensure this is in your best interest and you are aware of all implications and the actual potential outcome stacked against another strategy.

    Wish you all the best!

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