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    Hi all,

    I am looking to buy my first property. (detached free-standing house) I live in South East QLD.

    I know it is a hard question and there is subjectivity involved, but how old is too old for a house? My fears are buying an older property and needing to do constant upkeep to keep it from falling apart.

    What are the biggest things to look out for?



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    I don’t think you can answer that in a general sense. Get a professional inspection report and assess the subject property according to it’s condition rather than its age. I own a 160 year old house in New Orleans but it was rehabbed 5 years ago and in is good condition. You might find a 30 year old house in much worse condition.

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    Hi Sammy,

    I agree with “Home Buyer” above on several points.  Main thing to consider is that some brand new homes can be poorly built and doomed to be money pits, while many really old homes were built very well and have stood the test of time, so there is no quick answer really.

    For sure, always get a Building Inspection before committing to a buy to cover your lack of knowledge and to give you peace with your decision.  The old adage about “location, location, location” still holds true too, and having a good sized chunk of land gives you lots more options into the future.  Are you looking as an investment or to live in, as that can have you buying quite a different property !!


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