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    A short background first, I’m an extremely green investor (currently on my 3rd property) but have always had a real passion for everything property.

    I do a lot of reading and try to listen to as many podcasts as possible in my spare time, and I keep hearing the same things. “Surround yourself with like minded people”  “Find a good mentor” “Have a strong, positive support network”

    So my question is, where and how can I fond these things? Is there a place to build a network? Any recommendations?

    Unfortunately I’m on my own and don’t have anyone to talk property with. And would thoroughly enjoy changing that!

    Thanks, Nick


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    Hi Nick,

    Welcome aboard – this is one good place to start.  I personally found that the Internet led me to meet with many others who are doing what I wanted to do then (i.e. invest in property).   Today the forums have declined somewhat as Facebook and other social networks have tended to attract a “Now” clientele.  Steve has such a site too – go there to join up with hundreds of others –

    Also, depending on where your base is, you might find some investors meeting up (usually monthly or two-monthly, depending) and you could go along to check them out.  I know of them in Melbourne and SEQueensland with other occasional one-offs – go looking in this forum for “what’s coming up” :-

    Over Christmas and New Year, things do tail off somewhat, so do check back on here every week or so.  Failing that, share with us where you are – who knows, someone from here might live in the same suburb and be willing to meet up for a coffee…..

    Even better, why not share some info on those first 3 purchases – What and where you bought, what went well, what didn’t, what you learned, etc.  Your words might well inspire others to share their thoughts….  or provide some answers for another new investor.


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    Legend Benny! You’ve given me plenty of reading which is great!

    Will definitely look at further workshops etc with a keen eye


    Thanks! 😁

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