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    Hi guys,

    Just a quick one regarding how a roof repair and paint is treated come tax time.

    Have held the property for 10 years. Lived in it for the first 3 then have had it rented out since.

    Never had any trouble with the roof when we lived there as it was recently painted and in good condition.

    A recent storm here on the Gold Coast led to water getting in through the roof so I am getting it repaired (broken tiles replaced, valley tiles reclipped and new pointing) then they will repaint it.

    What is the latest with regard to how the above work would be treated come tax time?

    I’ve had a bit of a look around but most of the information I’ve found online is pretty dated.

    Thanks in advance.



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    Hi Matty,

    I would think “returning it to its original condition” should be no problem in making a repair claim.  Thus replacing tiles, etc, should all be claimable (but NOTE – I am not an adviser of this kind of thing, so treat my thoughts as opinion only and check it out with your fave adviser).   Re the re-painting, is that the whole roof, or just where the repairs/replacements were made?  If the latter, I’d think painting is a normal part of a repair.

    But if you are painting the whole roof, that would lead to more questions – like, did other damage (e.g. hailstones) affect the original paint?  In which case, returning it to its original look should also be fine.   But if painting a whole roof just because you think it needs it, that could turn out differently.   Like, tiles aren’t originally painted, are they?  So is this something new?   Thus it could be a capital cost.   Or is it fair wear and tear after 10 years?  I dunno.

    Anyway, as I said – I can only give my thoughts as opinion.  Perhaps my thoughts have helped somewhat….


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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