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    Hi Guys

    Many years ago when I started out on my property investing path I had a PPOR which had a regular mortgage against it.
    I then used the equity to have two further mortgages to purchase two investment properties.
    In recent times I have since paid off the original mortgage which I did not claim for tax purposes leaving just the two loans off which all the funds were used to purchase those IP’s and have been tax-deductible.

    In recent times I have been in consultation with my bank about fixing those two loans.
    I was told that I could get a lower rate if those loans were classified as owner-occupier as they are currently as investment property loans.
    Will it be OK to change the loan classifications to owner-occupier loans take the lower rate and claim the interest as tax-deductible as long as I can show justification that funds were used appropriately?


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    Deductibility depends on the use to which borrowed funds are put, not what you tell the bank.

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