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    I have an 50 years old 2 bed unit in Ringwood Vic. I bought it over 10 years ago and knew at that time that I would need to fix some structural items in the future, such as a corner of the unit might need restump and the roof need rebed. It has been good for the past 10 years and it hasn’t given me much problem. Lately I asked a roofer to quote on the rebed but he said I need a builder to check the framework instead. The location of this unit is very good, just the age of the building makes me concerned.
    I think I have only three options at this stage:
    1, Get building/or structure inspection done for $500 then decide what to do next.
    2, Sell this unit in the next 6 months as it is.
    3, Ignore the roof ( not sure if I can/want to ignore it).
    Much appreciated any suggestions!

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    I think stage 1 is good to do.

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    I have a 50 years old house too; get a another roofer to quote, or just get a builder to check around, but builders and inspectors love to overstate the problems.

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    considering the costs of selling – I think getting a firm understanding of the cost to fix the unit is well worth it. Worst case you have the figures in case a buyer wants to know so they’re less likely to give a random low ball.

    Hope this helps.


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    Not all inspectors overstate stuff, but cannot deny the fact that there are a lot that does. You can sell it, but do some repairs or replacement first to increase the value.



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