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    I recently purchased a property and during the pre-settlement inspection, I found that the hot water system and cooktop stove wasn’t working. When I asked agent he told me that that would be because there is no gas supply and hot water system could be because the property was vacant for a month its pilot light would have been gone. I tried to get a technician to come and check but because the settlement was on the same day I couldn’t find anyone.

    After moving and connecting(transferring to my name with a different provider) supply (supply was already connected), I found that both cooktop and hot water system are not working. Its been two weeks after settlement. Is there anything that I could be done? Like, get them fixed by the seller or at least pay part of the cost as its big cost.

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    It’s a bit late now. You should have raised this matter with your building & pest inspector prior to settlement and also with your solicitor. The vendor has got the cash and is well on the way to Bermuda.

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    Yep too late. You could have delayed settlement until they were working again.

    You could try to sue the agent, but what evidence do you have?

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    Always get anything like this in writing – too late now.

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