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    Investing in small country towns in Australia As a first investment is a good idea?

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    It depends. It can be a good investment I think as often good cashflow and prices can be cheap. But without capital gains you could be tying up valuable borrowing capacity too.

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    Thanks for suggestion Terry

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    Just saw this old post. How did you go @jasondras80 did you buy something?

    Anyway… my observations are that there are huge differences between some country towns and others. You simply can’t generalise them as “good” or “bad”. It’s like asking if buying food from the supermarket will be healthy or not? It depends what you buy.

    In general some guidelines:

    1 stay within a few hrs of the major capital cities if you can.
    2 stick to larger towns
    3 Coastal regional options are best for capital growth
    4 Anything with new infrastructure that will increase population or jobs is great, get in early
    5 Look for regions where housing stock is limited and amount of land zoned for future housing is constrained.
    6 Look for diverse economies (not 1 employer towns)
    7 Look for strong rental markets with low vacancy rates.
    8 Look for deals with value add opportunities like renovation, development etc

    We do this all the time and have a lot of towns we won’t touch, and some we love.

    All the best

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