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    I am going to get an Ikea kitchen. There is a $100 service to glue an underneath sink to stone bench.
    I figure I can do this myself. Do I need $50 special epoxy stone glue from Bunnings, Or can I just use silicon?

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    Mate, silicon will never be strong enough to hold that weight. Don’t think of the sink as empty – think of it as full. That is a lot of weight with the water. Why risk anything for a $100, get it done properly and worry about something else.

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    Why an Ikea kitchen? Unless it’s a quick flip, they are total bullash. You need to set the sink with a super strong silicone made for this purpose. My contractor usually uses GE silicone on most of our sinks but with a stone sink, you might want to use the epoxy. On my higher-end flips, we almost always have to redo the undermount stainless sinks and the high grade silicone is perfect for there. You can also add in undermount sink brackets that screw into the sink cabinet to add extra support angled from below. I have never had an installation fail with these. It adds about $30 to the deal but well worth it. You can get them on amazon or ebay.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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