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    Hi experts,

    I like to get some real experience of investors or owners who own high end apartments in small scale
    boutique apartments in Melbourne and specifically in the inner east suburbs.My definition of boutique
    is maximum 8 in a block and no higher than 3 storeys.

    Specifically, like some insights on the following:

    – How do they stack up in resale value (or growth) in general vs houses & townhouses which may not
    have same high standard or quality of finish and fit outs?
    – Do their OC fees come in much higher than higher density development?
    – I am old fashioned, so I prefer either ground floor (for some land content) or top floor.
    Do you experience or can relate to the difference it makes over long run?


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    The key with smaller complexes is the land to building ratio.

    The higher the land ratio then the greater potential for capital growth, as land goes up in value over time and buildings depreciate in value over time.

    Often the older style dwellings are located in prime positions with a high land to building ratios and worth a look for this very reason alone.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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