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  • Profile photo of David ParringtonDavid Parrington
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    Hello Guys,

    Does anyone know of or could recommend a financial planner with experience in SMSF property investing preferably located in Darwin. If not located in Darwin then at least someone very experienced in that field that I could have a chat to?

    Cheers guys

    David Parrington

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    Hey David,

    I am friends with Jonathan the owner of

    (based in brisbane and good at what they do)

    they set up one of my mates SMSF for him, organised each detail etc.

    love to hear how it goes regardless

    Kind regards

    Jaxon Avery

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    Hi David

    What exactly are you needing from a FP ?

    Is it more on the advice side of the equasion or are you wanting information on the Accounting and regulatory requirements such as Auditing etc.

    Let us know and we can direct you accordingly.


    Yours in Finance

    Richard Taylor | Australia's leading private lender

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    try both accountants and financial planners- in melb tho

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    Not too many FP’s up in Darwin! Haven’t met any of the guys up North who usually come down to Adelaide for most training events – but there is a couple kicking around.

    One of my advisers Steve from our office is the SMSF whiz – with years under his belt as a CFP and previous accounting background. Feel free to send an email through if you’d like to have a chat:

    Corey Batt | Precision Funding
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