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    Hello can someone give me a quick answer can a landlord ask for a inspection after damage to the wall was found in a previous inspection or as I’ve been told by my agent we have to wait till the next 6 monthly inspection I would like to have the repair confirmed and not wait is this the fact

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    Different states have different rules, suggest contacting the governing body in your state (NCAT, QCAT, VCAT etc).

    Generally speaking, I would imagine the landlord has a right to make sure damage has been repaired. S/he does have to give notice (in NSW it’s 2 days but in some states it’s longer).

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    Just request the agent ask the tenant to send you a photo, really a 1 minute activity
    If the agent cannot do that. Get a new agent, bet you will have the photo within the hour.
    Your paying the agent to manage your property not have them manage you.

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