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    I am stoked to find an active property investing forum like this!

    I am looking to buy my first investment property by the end of the year and looking for the following resources for my journey.

    Networking All the investment books I’ve read mention networking as an important tool for success. Where is the best way to meet fellow investors?

    Property Books What is your list of property books that must be read? I have studied Michael Yardneys books, Think and grow rich, McKnight, Rich Dad, Armchair investor, Rich Habits. Any other worthwhile books on property, finance, trusts or budgeting?

    Finance broker/Accountant/Insurance/lawyer Where is the best place to find property investment specialists in these areas? I understand you get what you pay for and the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best choice.

    Suburb Demographics How do you do your research on where to buy your next property? Population growth, type of buyers, capital growth, rental demand ect. How do you decide on the best suburb?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Hi Shane,

    And a big smiley welcome to you !! ;)

    Your enthusiastic arrival prompts me to point you to a thread that may well hold the answer to a lot of your questions :-

    Have a good read, follow the links (where the subject appeals) and just settle into this place. We don’t bite unless you ask us nicely,


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    Thanks Benny,

    I had a quick glance through the forums. The thread is like an index for everything you would want to know about investing. I will have a proper read through over the weekend.

    Thanks for the information.

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