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  • Freedom
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    I often see advertisements on Craigslist offering positions/mentoring/training to those who would like to invest in Real Estate. They promise to teach the ropes to the right person. As far as I am aware, nobody would be out there offering Mentoring for no money… are they just selling courses and will hit up applicants for lots of money once they get sucked in?

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    Freedom exactly right prices range from modest to 50k depending on the Guru you hit upon.

    NO fee lunch… also be aware that there is an extreme amount of fraud on line in the US.. it is not AU… be careful

    anyone you deal with in the US you MUST get detailed references the good player will have them the bad ones will never get back to you.

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    I agree with Jay

    I often say its not the can do attitude but the cant to is the problem and by that I mean people will often tell you what you want to here.

    When I am talking to a person interested in using our service i will hand out a list of existing clients. If companies are not prepared to do this then you have to ask what are they hiding.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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