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  • Andrew
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    Hi i was just wondering if it is possible to build a property on land you do not own then sell and settle this house to a third party ?


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    Are you thinking of doing a creative deal, or is this for someone you know?

    You can use options to control property, have a chat to your ‘Legal Person’ to find out the fine print and the clauses you’d want to put in there. You’ll need the land owner’s permission to submit the paperwork to plan and build, but yes it can be done as far as I’m aware. The main concern I’d want to address is what the land owner gets out of the deal, and keeping them onside during the process. Do things in writing (especially if they’re a friend or family) and look carefully at addressing the ‘what ifs’ of the deal. Do the hard thinking now and you’ll minimise heartaches and cheque-writing later.

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    Yes it is possible.

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