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    Hi Everybody,

    I am thinking about turning my PPOR into an IP but I have a few repairs and maintenance jobs to do:
    Painting the interior of the house
    Installing two split system aircons
    Replace window furnishings

    Am I better off doing any of these things after a tennant has moved in to claim a Tax Deduction?

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    You have to look at more than just tax deductions. eg if you don’t do the things mentioned, how much lower will the rent be?
    Also you can’t paint when you have a tenant in.
    I would at least paint and if furnishings are awful do that.

    Does tenant need 2 AC’s?? If so do it now. If not maybe leave or do one.

    The curtains and AC are improvements so would go on the cost base.

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    Probably capital expenses = claim depreciation.

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    Hi All
    This is a mixture.
    Repairs and renos are deductible particularly if documenmted as “expenses incurred for preparation of the property for rental purposes”
    Painting the interior of the house OK as above
    Installing two split system aircons NO this is an iprovement and is added to CGT cost based and depreciated over time you need a depreciation schedule before your rent
    Replace window furnishings is this curtains/blinds? – if so OK it goes into furnishings and is depreciated
    Anthony K

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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